4 Passive Income Investing Strategies That Will Save You Time and Give You Peace of Mind

4 Passive Income Investing Strategies That Will Save You Time and Give You Peace of Mind

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The expanding world rapidly changing cryptocurrency and NFTs, expand the investment the arena and the opportunities.

I recently met Eric Francom, whose name literally means “Free Man”, I carried out brilliant strategies to obtain high returns on short-term investments that I had not considered.

Eric graduated from dental school with high debt to take on more to open his practice. He woke up every morning and was vomiting. Consumed by anxiety, his practice barely prospered and he struggled to meet his financial goals.

So he made some quick changes.

First, he increased the profits of his practices by finding hidden revenue options, streamlining processes, and growing. Then he sold the practice at its peak. Two years and a few investments later, he quadruple his net worth. Here’s what the man taught me…

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1. Quick returns reduce risk

Invest in trades with the potential for large returns over short periods of time. Real-life example: Eric invested $100,000 in a deal that could yield between $200,000 and $1 million in three years. That’s 4x to 10x returns delivered as an interest payment of $2,000+ per month. This type of movement is derisked by the short time frame and the rapid achievement of high returns.

2. Invest in the jockey, not the horse

Bet on cryptocurrency backed by a reputable and established company. Do your research. It is essential that companies that support crypto have a proven track record of success, which makes it more likely that your investment will also succeed.

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3. Diversify into uncorrelated industries

Invest the money or see the value, with the potential for high returns and the ability to buy stocks or cash out of an exit with growing tech companies.

Look for companies with lots of cash, low overhead, and low debt. Lower risks mean higher returns on your investment.

Other opportunities can help reduce taxes by one to two times, in addition to paying dividends, when you invest in certain real estate transactions. Amortization is accelerated and you can get a reduction of $1.75 for every dollar invested in the first year. This kind of opportunity can help you save instead of losing it to taxes and potentially even making more.

4. Freedom is better than money

Whether you are negotiating an investment agreement or preparing to sell your terms matter most.

Each has three main components: They’re risk-free because they have short lead times, substantial money-back guarantees, and are made with trusted companies.

The short-term nature of these opportunities can help you secure passive income streams and quickly increase your net worth.

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