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A Skeptic’s Guide to Crypto: NFT Mania

A Skeptic’s Guide to Crypto: NFT Mania

In the third episode of Tech Tonic’s final season, FT columnist and host Jemima Kelly unpacks the non-fungible token (NFT) craze. Blockchain technology gave us NFTs, and NFTs created a new way for artists to sell digital works. But NFTs have also become a breeding ground for rampant frauds and scams. And then there’s the latest crypto crash: can NFTs survive it? Jemima hears from artist Kevin McCoy, who created an early version of NFTs, as well as Spottie WiFi, the world’s first and only NFT rapper, and Aless Ribeiro, co-founder of Rug Pull Finder, an investigation service on NFT scams.

You listened to Tech Tonic from the Financial Times with Jemima Kelly. Special thanks this week to FT tech reporter Cristina Criddle and global tech correspondent Tim Bradshaw, who conducted the interview with Spottie WiFi. Tech Tonic’s lead producer is Edwin Lane, our producer is Josh Gabert-Doyon, and Manuela Saragosa is the executive producer. Our sound engineer is Breen Turner, with an original score by Metaphor Music. The FT’s audio manager is Cheryl Brumley.

News clip credits:Wifi Spottie, NBC, Fox News

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