Home Technology A Skeptic’s Guide to Crypto: ‘Smart’ Money

A Skeptic’s Guide to Crypto: ‘Smart’ Money

A Skeptic’s Guide to Crypto: ‘Smart’ Money

In the second episode of Tech Tonic’s final season, FT columnist and host Jemima Kelly tries to figure out why an influential Silicon Valley investment firm thinks Web 3 is a good bet. Will blockchain technology really be the foundation of a new Internet era? Will Web 3’s promise to decentralize the Internet pose a challenge to companies like Facebook and Twitter? FT Innovation Editor John Thornhill interviews Chris Dixon, head of Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund, and Jemima talks to Molly White, author of the Web3 Is Going Just Great blog.

Presented by Jemima Kelly. Special thanks to John Thornhill. Edwin Lane is senior producer. Produced by Josh Gabert-Doyon. The executive producer is Manuela Saragosa. Sound design by Breen Turner, with original music by Metaphor Music. The FT’s audio manager is Cheryl Brumley.

News clip credits: Radio Canada, NBC, CNN.

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