Alchemy Acquires Ethereum ChainShot Coding Platform

Alchemy Acquires Ethereum ChainShot Coding Platform

Blockchain development company Alchemy today announcement the acquisition of ChainShot, an educational platform that helps aspiring Web3 developers find their footing in the crypto space.

For Alchemy, which has often been dubbed the “AWS for Blockchain“, it is the first-ever acquisition that the company describes as “a major step towards free access to high-quality Web3 education”.

While Alchemy declined to disclose financial terms of the deal, ChainShot courses, which previously cost more than $3,000, will be free as part of the acquisition, developer relations manager Elan Halpern said. of the company. Decrypt.

ChainShot started as a winning hackathon project at ETH Denver in 2018, when platform co-founders Cody McCabe and Dan Nolan felt the space was seriously missing an educational aspect.

“We took this opportunity to develop a platform, and what we were trying to focus on is how we can improve that and how we can help Web2 developers embedded in the Web3 space,” McCabe said. . Decrypt.

Alchemy focuses on crypto talent

ChainShot offers courses and a Ethereum developer boot camp that covers blockchain fundamentals such as learning the Solidity programming language, using decentralized oracles, cryptographic hashes and digital signatures – the minimum knowledge base required before developers developers can move on to more advanced concepts.

The society says that over the past four years it has experienced “explosive growth,” which has accelerated dramatically over the past 12 months, with enrollment nearly tripling since January 2022. Graduates get often positions in leading blockchain companies and projects, including NFT the OpenSea marketplace and the OpenZeppelin security company.

“Some people who graduated from our platform went on to start their own companies, such as Arbitrary Execution, which is a security auditing firm, as well as the non-custodial smart contract-based staking platform Stader Labs,” McCabe added.

Regarding the future acquisition of Alchemy, the company’s goal is to continue to integrate the wave of “incredible talent” entering the space, Halpern said.

“Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for developers to build Web3, and part of that is to help educate people,” he added.

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