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Analyst Forecasts $150,000 Clearing Price

Analyst Forecasts $150,000 Clearing Price

In a recent interview, Tom Lee, CNBC’s head of research, shared his insights on the potential impact of a Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the price of the largest cryptocurrency in the market. 

Lee expressed optimism that introducing a Bitcoin ETF could propel the digital asset to price levels of $150,000 or even $180,000, representing a significant surge from current levels. 

Optimistic View On BTC

Lee’s bullish stance on the potential for a Bitcoin ETF to drive price appreciation reflects the growing anticipation within the cryptocurrency community, as an ETF would provide traditional investors with a regulated and easily accessible vehicle for gaining exposure to Bitcoin, potentially attracting substantial capital inflows into the market. 

According to Lee, if the SEC were to approve a Spot Bitcoin ETF, it could unlock a new wave of investor interest and significantly boost the price of Bitcoin. 

He estimated that this approval could drive the cryptocurrency to $150,000 or even $180,000, representing a substantial appreciation from its current levels. 

The endorsement of a regulated ETF would likely instill confidence among institutional investors who have hesitated to enter the cryptocurrency market due to concerns about custody and regulatory oversight.

However, Lee also acknowledged the influence of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event on the price trajectory. Bitcoin’s protocol is designed to undergo halvings approximately every four years, reducing the block reward miners receive by half. 

Considering the impact of the halving, Lee tempered expectations of Bitcoin reaching six-figure prices in the immediate aftermath. While he expressed confidence in the long-term potential of the digital asset, he suggested that the effects of the halving might delay the realization of such high valuations. 

Bitcoin Holds Critical Zone Amidst Intensifying Bull-Bear Battle

While continuing to experience a consolidation phase and decide which side will crack first,  Bitcoin has found itself in a critical zone, prompting both bullish and bearish sentiments among market participants. 

Keith Alan, co-founder of the analysis firm Material Indicators, has highlighted vital indicators and technical levels that are currently shaping the market’s direction. 

While the bears actively seek to test support and potentially trigger a macro bear market, the bulls have maintained the trading range thus far, keeping the macro bull market prospects alive.

The significance of maintaining the range cannot be understated. According to Alan’s analysis, key Moving Averages and the green resistance/support (R/S) Flip Zone have demarcated critical levels that Bitcoin must hold. 

As BTC’s price approaches the lower end of the range, below $29,000, Alan closely observes the technical support at the 21-Week Moving Average, as a breach of this level could have far-reaching implications for the overall market sentiment.

According to Keith, a break below the range and the subsequent formation of a Lower Low (LL) in price action would signal the onset of a macro bear market. This would imply a prolonged period of downward price pressure and a potential shift in the broader market trend. 

Conversely, a successful defense of the range, coupled with a clearance of the 100-Week Moving Average and the formation of a Higher High (HH), would indicate the potential for a macro bull market characterized by sustained upward momentum.

Despite the bearish signs of “price erosion” and diminishing liquidity, the bulls can still find solace in the fact that they are currently holding the range. This suggests that the market is yet to tip in favor of the bears decisively. 

However, the bears remain determined to test this support, making it a crucial juncture for determining the near to mid-term trend of Bitcoin.

BTC’s current price action toward the lower part of the range on the 1-day chart. Source: BTCUSDT on TradingView.com

Featured image from iStock, chart from TradingView.com 


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