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Analyst says spot Bitcoin ETF a “wrap” as approval sentiment lifts Bitcoin (BTC) and Pullix (PLX


  • Bitcoin ($BTC) jumped 5% to above $43k on Tuesday as markets reacted to news around BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF filing.
  • An analyst says the latest amendment to BlackRock’s proposal means an approval is as good as done.
  • Positive sentiment has altcoins also bouncing higher, and Pullix ($PLX) looks poised as presale surpasses $800k.

Bitcoin ($BTC) bounced higher on Monday after the weekend’s retreat to below $41k, with the market’s reaction to the latest spot Bitcoin ETF news lifting altcoins. Elsewhere in the market, the Pullix ($PLX) presale accelerated as stage 3 surpassed the $800k raised mark.

What does the highly anticipated ETF approval mean for the crypto market? Could $PLX benefit from this?

Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas says spot Bitcoin ETF “debate over”

On Monday, BlackRock filed an amended S-1 application for its spot Bitcoin ETF proposal. Instead of its earlier version’s in-kind redemption model, the world’s largest asset manager is looking at cash-only redemption.

It’s what the SEC has reportedly favoured and comes after numerous meetings between the regulator and the asset manager. Positive conversations between different firms have encouraged the crypto industry, with hopes that the rejections and delays are coming to an end.

Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg, believes BlackRock’s move means approval for the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the US is a “wrap.”

With BlackRock now set for cash-only creation and redemption – instead of direct (in-kind) $BTC deposits – approval is now a matter of when rather than if. For Balchunas, its “debate over” as BlackRock looks to have the approval all but sealed ahead of the holidays.

Other firms that have proposals pending before the SEC are also engaging with the regulator. Bitwise, ARK Invest/21Shares and Wisdomtree have also submitted amended S-1 filings.

What would a spot ETF approval mean for the market?

Market experts say a spot ETF approval combined with other positive catalysts, including the upcoming Bitcoin halving, could see $BTC aim for prices above $120k in this bull cycle. Today’s bounce means Bitcoin could still rise to the forecast high of $50k before the end of the year.

Altcoins, which have historically mirrored the benchmark cryptocurrency’s movement, could similarly explode. Most of the top coins by market cap are potentially set for this bullish trajectory.

However, also to make for tantalising propositions are new projects – gems for savvy investors. One of those looking for a major entry into the market is Pullix ($PLX).  

Pullix ($PLX): A new hybrid exchange set to redefine online trading

Pullix is a new cryptocurrency project on the Ethereum chain. According to its whitepaper, it is a hybrid exchange platform where traders can benefit from trading stocks, crypto and other assets.

But is Pullix any different from other online trading platforms in the market?

Pullix looks to go beyond just another hybrid exchange. It’s designed to bring the best of both CEX and DEX trading to users, with $PLX the utility token at the heart of all transactions. Tapping into the power $PLX a user can unlock staking rewards, trading discounts, revenue share, cashbacks and other exclusive offers.

The project is an entire ecosystem designed for the trader, who can take advantage of opportunities in both traditional and digital asset markets. 

This is likely to be strengthened by Pullix’s liquidity provision and competitive prices, with demand across the DeFi space key to $PLX future performance. The daily purchase and burn of $PLX tokens will also see circulating supply reduced and potentially positively impact prices.

Why are investors bullish on Pullix ($PLX)?

The trading marketplace has seen rapid growth in the last few years, and combined daily trading volumes for crypto, stocks and forex is over $7 trillion. The opportunities are increasing as more assets get adopted into the financial markets.

With crypto adoption on the rise, the need for a trading platform that puts traders in control, could see Pullix rise to dominate the hybrid exchange landscape. Pullix ($PLX) token launching in early 2024 makes buying now potentially very attractive.

The imminent approval of a first $BTC ETF for the US market and the likelihood of prices rallying hard may also be crucial to $PLX performance post launch. Currently, Pullix is in presale stage 3. The price of $PLX is $0.044.

To learn more about Pullix, check out their whitepaper or visit their presale page.


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