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Angel Oak and Brightvine Announce Community Bank’s First Blockchain-Powered Subordinated Debt Securitization

Angel Oak and Brightvine Announce Community Bank’s First Blockchain-Powered Subordinated Debt Securitization

Securitization by Angel Oak Capital Advisors is the first to use the Brightvine portal to bring new efficiencies to the institutional credit market

SAN FRANCISCO and ATLANTE, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brightvinea blockchain-powered bond platform that connects issuers of high-quality real assets with digital investors, and Angel Oak Capital Advisorsa leader in structured credit investment solutions, today announced the successful issuance of the first-ever bank subordinated debt issuance leveraging blockchain technology with BFNS 2022-1.

BFNS 2022-1, a $147.55 million securitization of subordinated debt of community banks through United States issued by Angel Oak, operates Brightvine Portal, a secure management platform for performing primary offerings of digital assets via blockchain, to easily coordinate documentation and loan information between parties and dramatically increase process efficiency securitization and due diligence. The show represents the first result of the collaboration between Brightvine and Angel Oak Ventures announced in Q2 2022.

“Our partnership with Angel Oak is based on our shared goal of realizing the full potential of distributed ledger technology to increase efficiency and transparency throughout the securitization process, and we are delighted to be part of the establishment of this new blockchain-powered debt securitization product market,” says Joe Vellanikaran, CEO of Brightvine. “Angel Oak is known for continually advancing its technologies and bringing innovative new products to a demanding market, and we’re proud that the Brightvine Portal is a key part of that innovation.”

As the first transaction of its kind to use distributed ledger technology, BFNS 2022-1 demonstrates the flexibility of Brightvine’s technology beyond mortgage lending – an area they remain focused on – while showing broader applicability. in the fixed income space.

“The Brightvine portal gives us quick access to all the latest blockchain-validated information associated with each rating in one place, we see it as a huge efficiency driver for our team, our investors and our securing process at the time. ‘future’, said Johannes Palssonlead portfolio manager of Angel Oak Capital Advisors.

BFNS 2022-1 is the third secondary debt securitization from an Angel Oak community bank since 2018 and the senior tranche has received an Aa3 rating from Moody’s. Securitization consists of 31 issuers in 20 states, all with less than $10 billion in assets. Angel Oak has extensive experience analyzing community bank debt, using his own BankSURFMT model to assess the credit quality of US banks using its own database.

“We are encouraged by the success of this agreement and the industry’s receptivity to a new era of capital raising,” said Sreeni Prabhu, Co-CEO and Managing Partner at Angel Oak. “We will continue to explore ways to leverage the efficiencies of blockchain and generate value for our investors.”

Angel Oak and Brightvine will continue to collaborate on ways to use blockchain to introduce immediate benefits in fixed income securitizations. The goal is to leverage blockchain technology to provide easier auditing, real-time validated data between parties, faster due diligence, privacy and security controls, and better transparency for all parties involved.

About Brightvine

Brightvine, a blockchain-based platform building new financial infrastructure, is on a mission to expand access and grow wealth by enabling trusted issuers of high-quality real assets to create new connections with today’s forward-thinking digital investors. By leveraging the latest Web3 technologies, Brightvine unlocks new access to capital markets and increases liquidity for mortgages and fixed income products. Brightvine is backed by strategic investors in the financial services industry and is headquartered in San Francisco with employees located across the United States

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About Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC

Angel Oak Capital Advisors is an investment management firm focused on providing attractive fixed income investment solutions for its clients. Using a value-oriented approach, Angel Oak Capital Advisors seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of stable current income and price appreciation. Its experienced investment team seeks out the best opportunities in fixed income securities, with a specialization in mortgage-backed securities and other areas of structured credit.

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