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Astar Network announces mainnet launch for its Polygon-powered zkEVM


  • Astar zkEVM mainnet is set to go live this month.
  • A launch campaign dubbed “Yoki Origins” will commence immediately after the zkEVM mainnet

Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contracts and Web3 infrastructure platform, has announced the mainnet launch of Astar zkEVM, a new Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Astar zKEVM is a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine- compatible L2 powered by Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK).

Popular in Japan and expanding across the globe, Astar Network, is the cross-virtual machine network that leverages Polygon and Polkadot technologies. 

The platform revealed plans for the Astar zkEVM mannet launch last month, highlighting the benefits that compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts, toolset and wallets will bring to its growing community.

Astar zkEVM to go live in late February

According to Astar Network’s press release today, the new zkEVM L2 is expected to go live later this month, with its launch bringing a secure, scalable and gas-efficient blockchain platform to Web3 projects and enterprises.

Already, Polygon-based DEX platform Quickswap, omnichain interoperability protocol LayerZero, blockchain data indexing protocol The Graph and Rarible, an aggregated NFT marketplace, are some of the top projects that currently tap into Astar zkEVM.

Several leading Japan-based enterprises are also set to integrate with Astar zkEVM.

Astar Network is proud to be an early pioneer in the use of Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology and Chain Development Kit to enter the Ethereum ecosystem. Astar zkEVM will establish a bridge between Japan and the broader web3 ecosystem, with projects by top Japanese enterprises, famous IPs, and prominent industries to be unveiled soon,” Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Network, said.

Yoki Origins – the Astar zkEVM mainnet launch campaign

Astar Network plans to roll out an incentive program dubbed ‘Yoki Origins’ immediately after the zkEVM platform goes live.

Yoki Origins launch campaign

The campaign program intends to provide access to Astar Network’s original characters, which are inspired by Japanese Yokais “Yokis. With over 40 Web3 projects, creators and enterprises involved, the campaign will be a big chance for users to explore and interact across the Astar zkEVM platform.

As well as acquiring Yokis, users will have an opportunity to grab artwork by various artists, builders and enterprises. Users can acquire Yokis via Capsule Machines, or “Yo-Ports”.

According to Astar, ”Yoki Origins” will support social logins as well credit card payments, making it possible for anyone to join and participate.

Commenting on the launch campaign aims to achieve, Henskens, noted:

The Astar zkEVM launch campaign “Yoki Origins” will help demonstrate the extent of our ecosystem’s reach, while celebrating our Japanese origins in a way that’s uniquely Astar.” 


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