Bitcoin in danger of another drop – What the future holds for BTC

Bitcoin in danger of another drop – What the future holds for BTC

The crypto ecosystem has seen some earth-shattering changes over the past few weeks. As Bitcoin struggles to recover from the crypto crash, other popular blockchains are reporting small gains. Ethereum gained around 3%, while Solana gained 2%. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization gained 2% in two days, hitting the $1.04 trillion mark again.

Ethereum is close to completing the merger, which will likely lead to a bull run. However, as Bitcoin slows down, crypto traders have started investing in new altcoins and metaverse projects. Battle Infinity is the hottest investment right now, so keep reading and we’ll tell you the why and how.

What are the experts saying?

According to Edul Patel, CEO and co-founder of popular crypto investment platform Mudrex, cryptocurrency markets have been quite rigid since 2018. However, blockchain technology has what it takes to increase market flexibility and promote a transparent environment.

Transparency is essential, as it attracts retail investors and helps increase daily trading volumes. New investors are looking for platforms with the highest security and the lowest fees. Traditional banking is becoming unmanageable for many investors, which is why they are diversifying into new markets, including cryptocurrencies.

Global inflation and the impending financial crisis are changing the rules of the game, and the growing interest in low-cost cryptos is having a negative effect on Bitcoin. The global crypto leader has high fees, and since September is traditionally the worst month for Bitcoin, we are likely to see another price drop over the next two months.


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