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Bitrefill Empowers Bitcoin & Crypto Travelers with Global eSIM Service Across 140 Countries


Bitrefill, a popular platform that sells gift cards for bitcoin, has announced its partnership with eSIM Go, enabling travelers in over 140 countries to pre-purchase an e-sim and have local data available as soon as they arrive, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. 

Now, Bitcoin enthusiasts and digital nomads can experience uninterrupted internet access across the globe, making jet-setting a breeze. This partnership unlocks a world of convenience for travelers on their journeys.. 

Sergej Kotliar, Founder and CEO of Bitrefill, stated “This service removes a lot of hassle related to travel. You can just get an e-sim from the airplane wifi, install it in a minute, and be online from the moment your plane touches down on the tarmac, without worrying about getting a massive surprise bill from your telco.”

The beauty of the Bitrefill eSIM solution lies in its simplicity. Travelers can now acquire their desired plan using Bitcoin or their cryptocurrency of choice, and have seamless internet connectivity at the their fingertips within minutes.

The launch of Bitrefill’s eSIM service reaffirms the company’s commitment to leveraging Bitcoin and crypto for global convenience. By spearheading the charge towards a borderless future, Bitrefill is helping pave the way for a world where financial freedom is within reach for everyone.

More information about Bitrefill’s eSIM service and its array of offerings can be found here.


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