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Blockchain ACGN Game NEO FANTASY, rising star of Gamefi!

Blockchain ACGN Game NEO FANTASY, rising star of Gamefi!

Since the success of Axie Infinity, gaming has become one of the most invested verticals in the crypto industry.

Many believe that blockchain gaming is most likely to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream given the low barriers to entry into the blockchain gaming space and the broad appeal of gaming.

However, with the advent of the bear market in the crypto market, the DAU (daily active users) of most blockchain games has been declining, and some blockchain games have been gradually withdrawing from the crypto market.

Faced with GameFi’s dilemma in the crypto market, NEO FANTASY will rebuild a new model at the head of Gamefi.

[Project Introduction]

NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi in deep gameplay, creating an ACGN world full of surprises for users who love to explore Metaverse by ACGN RPG games! Nowadays, a large number of traditional game players focus on GameFi. NEO FANTASY will allow players of traditional games to experience the P2E mode of Web3 games as an independent APP closer to traditional games.

NEO FANTASY has accumulated large-scale users through cooperation with NEXTYPE and community building. The game will also be connected to Google Play and the App Store to ensure player flow from Web2 to Web3, combining the rich gameplay of traditional games with the on-chain P2E business model.

NEO FANTASY is co-created by NEXTYPE and GND STUDIO. NEXTYPE is the world’s first integrated blockchain game distribution platform, responsible for the distribution of NEO FANTASY games.

The main game modes are currently PVE and PVP. In the future, in-game social systems, auto chess battles, guild tournaments, open world, virtual world, and other game modes will be enhanced. NEO FANTASY APP will become the independent gamification portal to Web3 for traditional game users.

[Unique Gameplay]

The game background of NEO FANTASY is built in a fantasy world against the invasion of ancient demons.

Six races are divided into TERRAN, AQUA, DWARF, ORC, DRAGON and ELVE. The races are restricted. Each hero has a unique personality, battle stance, skills, and story.

Challenge the BOSS adventure level to earn rewards for exceeding. The harder the challenge, the higher the reward.


In the Arena, players can compete against other players of similar strength across the service to compete to earn Seasonal Credits and Tokens.

Eternal Rock Battle

Players of the game could organize a squad of heroes to occupy the Eternal Rock to earn $FTS and $ERT.

Squad Cell and Equipment System

Players can place a hero in the squad cell to upgrade the corresponding squad cell and equipment, which is an optimal change from the complex and tedious character upgrade system in traditional games.

free to play

In NEO FANTASY, all players who enter the game will receive a hero for free and can use the initial hero to collect resources to generate income, which lowers the barrier to entry for GameFi and extends to players more traditional.


NEO FANTASY will implement a multi-tokenomic system consisting of a primary governance token $ERT (ETERNAL ROCK TOKEN) and an in-game utility token $FTS (FANTASY).

$FTS is the main utility token resource in the game. Each game behavior of players has the possibility to trigger $FTS Drop. Collected $FTS can be used in-game or traded in the trading room with other players.

$ERT can only be obtained through Exchange Hall, Eternal Rock battles, in-game arena in PvP mode, and other in-game systems, which can be withdrawn and freely released. Gameplays such as Hero Star Ascending and Equipment Enhancement must consume $ERT. $ERT is also the primary circulation resource for trading more $FTS.

The dual-token interaction mechanism will increase the number of interactive users of NEO FANTASY and increase the liquidity of $ERT, thus forming a strong circular economy.

[Investors And Partners]

To date, several crypto-investors have invested in NEO FANTASY. Led by Shima Capital, with participation from NEO, Catchervc, Humble Ventures, MAP Protocol, Lead Wallet and BitKeep Wallet.

Also, NEO FANTASY has partnered and listed on SafePal, TokenPocket, Lead Wallet, BitKeep Wallet and other wallets.

Meanwhile, NEO FANTASY’s Hero NFT Mystery Box will soon be listed on Binance NFT and Gate.io NFT


Currently, NEO FANTASY has officially launched the pre-launch events with $500,000 rewards to encourage more new players to register the game account.

IGO and NFT Mystery Box sales will be launched soon. Keep following our official website and social media for more information!

NEO FANTASY Pre-Launch Events:https://neofantasy.nextype.finance/gateway/invite?inviteCode=INBSITMD&laborUnion=
NEO FANTASY Website:https://neofantasy.nextype.finance/
NEO FANTASY Twitter:https://twitter.com/NEOFANTASY_Game


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