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Blockchain expert Susana Esteban joins FTI Technology


FTI Consulting has appointed blockchain and digital asset advisor Susana Esteban to lead the company’s digital asset work in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Working from the company’s London office, she will seek to expand FTI’s Web 3.0 footprint in the region.

After rising to prominence as the underlying technology for various cryptocurrencies, blockchain first made its presence felt in the financial industry. At first, the hype claimed that blockchain boasted a number of clear wins, but over the next few years its impact remains muted at best. Among the factors that slow it down, while many see it as an opportunity, 55% of business leaders still consider it a security risk.

Determined to prove critics wrong, Susana Esteban is an expert in blockchain, digital assets, decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, Web 3.0 and the metaverse, with extensive experience advising organizations in the areas of finance, retail, supply chain, healthcare, insurance and real estate sectors. She provides clients with strategic advice on how to design, implement, maintain and evaluate projects involving digital assets and develops practical solutions that can be operationalized enterprise-wide.

Blockchain expert Susana Esteban joins FTI Technology

As FTI CouncilThe tech brand seeks to help its customers adapt to the rapidly changing landscape that spans cryptocurrency, metaverse, web 3.0, enterprise infrastructure and more, blockchain and digital assets, qu ‘Esteban joined as general manager. She will now support the growth and momentum of FTI’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Steven S. McNew, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets at FTI Technology, said, “There are risks and uncertainties that organizations need to assess and build resilience when looking to launch projects or to enter the space through new partnerships, M&As and pilot programs. Our practice offers the greatest expertise in understanding and responding to the wide range of risks, strategic opportunities and technical complexities surrounding this disruptive technology. Susana is an important and valuable addition to our growing global team, and we salute her leadership and expertise.

Prior to joining FTI Technology, Esteban founded and led an independent consulting firm specializing in blockchain and digital assets. She is also a founding member of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications and the Oxford Blockchain Foundation.

Esteban added, “It’s an industry that hasn’t stopped moving or evolving since day one. Keeping up with the pace of change and thoroughly understanding the technical, strategic, and market issues at play are key to making sound decisions about blockchain and digital asset projects. FTI Technology has assembled the strongest and most experienced team of global consultants in this field. They have a keen sense of the business opportunities and risks our customers may encounter as they embark on their blockchain journey, and I look forward to collaborating to grow our offerings across EMEA.


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