Home Blockchain BplayEnt signs MoU with MPSINVEST to cooperate in blockchain field

BplayEnt signs MoU with MPSINVEST to cooperate in blockchain field

BplayEnt signs MoU with MPSINVEST to cooperate in blockchain field

/EIN News/ — SEOUL, KOREA, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BplayEnt announces that it has signed a joint memorandum of understanding to cooperate on blockchain activities with MPSINVEST, a live streaming platform service provider.

The objective of this agreement is to support the development and operation of a blockchain activity thanks to mutual trust between the two companies.

BplayEnt is a blockchain fintech company that develops and operates token issuance technology, following the planning and production of NFTs using blockchain service binding and various IP (intellectual property) addresses.

MPSINVEST carries out various entertainment activities using its live streaming platform. Among them, Celuvtv is an open online live streaming service and real-time live streaming platform with N-Screen, live chat and live streaming technology that enables direct communication with users through wholesome content such as variety shows, mukbangs (or “eat shows”), music shows, dance shows, etc.

Through this agreement, BplayEnt and MPSINVEST will collaborate with a famous TV show scriptwriter to develop a worldview and storyline of Celuvtv’s “Celebrity” as a theme, and based on this, move forward with the NFT business centered on the webtoon “Nerdi Moodi” and its IPs. Using a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) system that uses blockchain technology, they plan to introduce a blockchain service to overcome the flaws in the existing standardized and closed global payment system of live streaming services.

A BplayEnt official said, “We have decided to strengthen business cooperation through joint research and development of various solutions for new businesses based on blockchain technology, and efforts will be made to improve the competitiveness of the industry. content as a whole.

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