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Business Exec’s Noisy, Illegal Ethereum Mining Rigs Left Employees Suffocating in a 40C Oven

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A South Korean business executive from a large business group was operating Ethereum (ETH)) mining rigs “uninterrupted for three years” – using illegally sourced electricity.

MBN reported that the unnamed executive was a head of faculty management for “one of the five largest business groups” in the country. South Korea’s Largest Trade Groups, According to the Fair Trade Commission Dataare Samsung, Sask., Hyundai engine, LGand Monkfish.

The executive allegedly earned some 30,000 UD in ETH by operating a mining machine at a facility of the company he was in charge of, later adding a second machine to his operation. He began his mining efforts in 2019 and, according to the company, used $3,500 worth of electricity to power the machines, which ran “24/7” until they were down. finally discovered in May.

The illegal operation erupted into “controversy” when engineers at the facility began to suffer from the “noise and heat” generated by the rigs in the workspaces. The outlet noted that a number of settlement workers had “not renewed their contracts this year.”

An engineer reportedly said the cacophony and heat were “enormous” – pushing interior temperatures to 40C.

The same engineer, who also said he had not renewed his contract, claimed he had reported the leader to “investigative authorities” and complained that although the decision to leave had been the his, “it always looks like a dismissal”.

A company official said it was “clearly wrong to operate a cryptocurrency mining machine” on company premises and that the “amount of electricity illegally used” was “not not insignificant”.

And the executive’s misdeeds apparently didn’t stop with its clandestine ETH mining efforts. The company admitted the executive had secretly ‘built a private indoor golf driving range in the management centre’, where he practiced his golf skills ‘until late at night’. It was also a source of noise that disturbed employees trying to rest in the facility after late-night overtime.

CCTV footage released by Yonhap News Agency also showed the executive cutting grass from the company’s lawn and loading it into his car. The executive would then have proceeded to replant the stolen grass in the garden of his own house.


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