Home Blockchain California’s Golden Gate University to Educate Students on Blockchain and Crypto

California’s Golden Gate University to Educate Students on Blockchain and Crypto

California’s Golden Gate University to Educate Students on Blockchain and Crypto
California's Golden Gate University to Educate Students on Blockchain and Crypto

California-based Golden Gate University is expected to offer block chain and cryptocurrency education in collaboration with the decentralized organization focused on web development Filecoin Foundation.

Learning will focus on decentralized storage, the technologies behind Web3 and the next generation of the Internet while capitalizing on the growth of the crypto sector, Filecoin Foundation said in a press release on September 7.

As part of this program, the institution’s new Filecoin Foundation Blockchain Academy Lab will host meetups and educational seminars to meet the growing interest in cryptocurrencies at the higher education level.

“Over the past year, we have seen growing interest in the technology that powers cryptocurrency and Web3. As a Bay Area law school, we want to provide our students – and to our broader community – the resources they need to learn more about these innovative and emerging technologies and their socially beneficial uses,” said Michele Neitz, Blockchain Law for Social Good Center Founding Director.

Requests from government officials

The education program has already identified key beneficiaries, including government officials and teachers. They will receive resources to understand decentralized technology by considering it as a new segment of the education system.

Neitz revealed that following plans to create the lab, he has already received training requests from government entities.

“We plan to host government officials and policymakers, professors from law schools and other educational institutions, lawyers and industry leaders, and students from all walks of life,” said she declared.

The lab has scheduled its first annual conference for October 20 and 21, ahead of the start of teaching programs scheduled for 2023.

Expansion plans

Additionally, the Golden Gate University lab is expected to unveil its teaching fellowship program that will train blockchain experts in legal education. In addition to the university, there are plans to expand the program to a community college.

“One of the most exciting things about blockchain technology is that it creates the ability to program money, which can happen instantly and automatically without an intermediary, even across borders. This type of transaction would be untenable with traditional payment systems,” she said in the email. said Marta Belcher, President and President of the Filecoin Foundation.

Additionally, through virtual events, the lab is expected to reach students around the world, especially those in underserved populations.

Overall, as the crypto industry grows, different entities have increasingly focused on providing related training. As reported by Finbold, the University of Cincinnati (UC) also unveiled a program to teach students about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and new financial technologies.


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