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Celebrities Get Ethereum ‘Dust’ From Tornado Cash: What’s Cooking?

Celebrities Get Ethereum ‘Dust’ From Tornado Cash: What’s Cooking?

After the US Treasury Department banned Tornado Cash and a host of related Ethereum addresses, an anonymous mixer user “dusted” the wallets of well-known people and institutions.

According to on-chain data, a number of celebrities have received small amounts of Ethereum, mostly 0.1 ETH, from the platform. Based on the reactions on social media, this all appears to be a troll, and the user is said to have targeted high-profile linked addresses to trigger regulatory inspection.

Ethereum Dust Recipients

Etherscan data revealed that the wallets of Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Logan Paul, Jimmy Fallon, Brian Armstrong, PUMA and Beeple were among the recipient group. Most of the transfers took place yesterday.

However, it doesn’t look like it’s all done and dusted off. At press time, it was noted that said anonymous address was last transferred ETH to an unidentified address just 20 minutes back.

Who is to blame?

Well, one day ago a particular user – depression2019 – floated the idea of ​​dropping 0.1 ETH in wallets. As a result, there has been speculation that either the same person is behind the Ethereum dusting, or someone else took the idea from said user’s tweet and brought it to life.

Also, at this point, it would not be wrong to claim that the joke was intended to point out the shortcomings in relation to the last sanctions imposed. While transferring Ethereum, said user was able to point out again that addresses have almost no control to decline transfers.

Under US law, the sadness for willful violation of OFAC sanctions includes jail time and fines ranging from $90,000 to $308,000 per violation. Now that the mass dusting has managed to gain mainstream attention, it is apparent that the individuals/institutions dusted had no intention of receiving funds from the sanctioned entity and may not necessarily be subject to ‘investigation.

Gag aside, how did the community react?

The community as a whole did not welcome the sanctions. One particular user took to Twitter to shine a light on the real need for privacy by giving an example of donations and highlighting the unease associated with disclosing to regulators.

In fact, it was the same topic of discussion in one of Watcher Guru’s recent reviews.
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Returning to the same thing, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin revealed that he was a Tornado Cash user and used it to donate to Ukraine, obliquely implying that the mixer had also been used for good causes.


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