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CoinDCX and Koinex merge to propel crypto adoption in India


  • CoinDCX and Koinex have merged to navigate regulatory hurdles in India.
  • Seamless transition for Koinex users to access assets via the CoinDCX platform.
  • CoinDCX reaffirms its commitment to the Web3 community, remaining open to further partnerships.

In a strategic move to navigate regulatory uncertainties hindering the cryptocurrency landscape in India, India’s leading crypto exchanges CoinDCX and Koinex have announced a merger. The collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by users while fostering crypto adoption in the country.

The merger ensures a seamless transition for Koinex users to access their assets through the CoinDCX platform, emphasizing support for the Web3 community and commitment to regulatory compliance.

Seamless transition for Koinex users

Existing Koinex users can expect a smooth transition process as they migrate to the CoinDCX platform. With a focus on user convenience, assets will be automatically transferred for those with existing CoinDCX accounts and matching KYC details.

For users requiring KYC verification or without matching details, a straightforward onboarding process is in place to facilitate access to their assets. A dedicated customer support desk has also been established to provide personalized assistance throughout the integration process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

CoinDCX, as India’s leading and FIU-compliant exchange, reaffirms its commitment to fostering a secure and transparent Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) ecosystem in the country. The merger with Koinex underscores CoinDCX’s dedication to providing a robust platform for crypto enthusiasts while navigating regulatory challenges. Moreover, the company remains open to further partnerships that enhance value for users and contribute to ecosystem growth.

By merging forces, CoinDCX and Koinex aim to not only address the immediate concerns of users but also to contribute to the long-term growth and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India. This strategic move emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation in overcoming regulatory hurdles, paving the way for broader acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies in the country.


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