Home Business CoinLoan is rolling out special NFTs to celebrate its fifth anniversary

CoinLoan is rolling out special NFTs to celebrate its fifth anniversary

CoinLoan is rolling out special NFTs to celebrate its fifth anniversary

CoinLoan, an EU-regulated cryptocurrency company and one of the fastest growing crypto lending platforms, celebrates its fifth anniversary. This special occasion is marked by a limited edition gift from NFT to customers who register on its website to thank them for their loyalty and support, which has contributed to the company’s success.

Since its launch in 2017, CoinLoan has seen many changes in the crypto environment, as well as growing pains resulting from the maturing of the industry. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry increased by 187.5% in 2021 and active users of CoinLoan increased by 898%, a record for the company.

Despite weak industry growth in 2022, customer loyalty to CoinLoan has not diminished. Unlike some projects that have collapsed due to market volatility, the company has kept its head above water and held its own.

Continuous, customer-driven growth has been key to the company’s success. In order to meet the needs of its growing customer base, CoinLoan has implemented new strategies and expanded its offerings as the industry evolves. Consequently, CoinLoan users report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the company. In its customer satisfaction survey for 2022, CoinLoan found that 74% of customers were satisfied with its lending system, while 92% were satisfied with its security measures.

In a statement, CoinLoan CEO Alex Faliushin said, “Over the past five years, the CoinLoan family has grown exponentially. With this celebration, we wanted to make sure we were doing something special for the people who guided every decision the company made: our customers. They have supported our growth and we look forward to the next chapter as we continue to grow with them.

Limited edition NFT tokens will be released in limited numbers to active accounts with a balance above $10 while supplies last.

Click here to learn more about CoinLoan and get a limited edition NFTclick here. Additionally, 50 NFTs will be distributed via Twitter to followers who tweet them a birthday message.

There are terms and conditions attached to the gift.

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is an EU-licensed crypto business that started as a project in 2017. Its platform offers instant loans for crypto-assets, crypto interest account, and crypto exchange. These services are provided to both individuals and legal entities with the exceptions required by applicable laws. We provide our clients with the highest standards of asset security and assurance, enabling businesses and individuals to benefit from the highest levels of protection.

Its highly competitive loan and APY rates, transparent pricing, and 24/7 human customer support service have resulted in high customer retention and satisfaction. CoinLoan’s platform enables the exchange and management of a full and growing range of cryptocurrencies, including its native tokens and fiat currencies.

The company is focused on continuous innovation through cutting-edge technology and partnerships, bringing customers constant improvements and possibilities in the world of crypto.

For more information, visit https://coinloan.io/.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.


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