Home Markets Crypto Exchange Coinstore Launches Term Credit Feature

Crypto Exchange Coinstore Launches Term Credit Feature

Crypto Exchange Coinstore Launches Term Credit Feature
Global crypto exchange Coinstore.com launched a term loan feature that allows its users to increase their crypto assets without using their funds.

Investors who prefer to buy and hold digital assets for an extended period of time can take advantage of future credit functionality to get more out of market movements.

Futures contracts are commonly associated with commodity trading, but they are also available for several forms of assets, including new-age crypto tokens.

Term Credit is a digital fund that lends rewards to Coinstore users to help users understand its perpetual term trading. The term credit feature allows each eligible registered user to benefit from their participation.

To provide registered users with more trading opportunities, the Singapore-based exchange offers one-to-one term credit for every USDT deposited. Users will be able to reap benefits through this feature.

“We are very excited to launch the Future Credit feature for our users across the globe as it will build trust in the crypto community and provide much needed liquidity to the crypto ecosystem in the form of a digital fund,” said said Jennifer Lu, co-founder. at Coinstore.

“Futures contracts were invented to reduce risk for producers, consumers and investors,” she added. “However, it is advisable to trade or invest in products that you know and understand the risks associated with them.”

Term credit offers users opportunities to profit regardless of the fluctuation in the price of the asset. Coinstore has around 180 employees worldwide, serving over 1.1 million registered users in 175 countries.

Coinstore.com holds compliance licenses in many countries around the world to provide global users with fast and smooth cryptocurrency trading services, derivatives business, OTC services, and NFT services.


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