Crypto Execs of OpenSea, Paradigm and Binance – The Information

Crypto Execs of OpenSea, Paradigm and Binance – The Information

The dramatic fall in crypto prices this year has left few parts of the industry unscathed. As the dust settles after a wave of layoffs, reorganizations and bankruptcies, seasoned crypto executives, including some who had only recently started their last roles, are looking for new gigs.

And despite all the upheaval, they are likely to find plenty of opportunities. Major crypto-focused venture capital funds still have huge amounts of money to spend, and people with crypto expertise are still in high demand to help run startups or make investments themselves. Meanwhile, some executives spared the carnage are looking for a change of pace, or even just a break after a turbulent few years of boom and bust.

For the last installment of our Free Agent series, we focus on the crypto industry to highlight seven former executives from companies like Opensea, Robinhood and Binance who are about to take their next big step. Most of the executives on the list have extensive experience outside of crypto, which reflects the youth of this industry, meaning they could run in a wide range of businesses in the future.


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