Home Business Crypto Whale donates $100,000 to YouTuber fighting BitBoy lawsuit

Crypto Whale donates $100,000 to YouTuber fighting BitBoy lawsuit

Crypto Whale donates $100,000 to YouTuber fighting BitBoy lawsuit

Key points to remember

  • Cobie donated $100,000 to a YouTuber known as Atozy to help him defend against a BitBoy Crypto lawsuit.
  • BitBoy Crypto, real name Benjamin Armstrong, sued Atozy for defamation and emotional distress, seeking $75,000 in damages.
  • The reason for the lawsuit is a nine-month-old YouTube video that sees Atozy label Armstrong a “dirty bag” and a “crook”.

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Benjamin Armstrong, the crypto personality behind YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, is asking Atozy for $75,000 in damages.

Cobie Donates $100,000 to Defendant BitBoy Crypto Lawsuit

Cobie sent Atozy over $100,000 to fight a lawsuit from BitBoy Crypto.

The popular crypto personality and host of the UpOnly podcast Cobie donated the six-figure sum to YouTuber Atozy to help him fight a “frivolous” lawsuit from Benjamin Armstrong, the crypto influencer better known as BitBoy Crypto.

According to Atozy, the lawsuit concerns a nine-month-old YouTube video titled “This Youtuber Is Scamming His Fans…BitBoy Crypto,” where he called Armstrong “shady dirt” and a “scammer” for promoting a dodgy crypto project called PAMP.

An excerpt from the trial revealed by Atozy in a YouTube video today shows that Armstrong is suing for “libel, defamation per se, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with business dealings or prospective business dealings, violation of the Uniform Deceptive Practices Act and violation of the Fair Trade Practices Act.” The lawsuit further claims Armstrong “suffered damages in excess of $75,000” as a result of Atozy’s alleged defamation.

In response to the lawsuit, Atozy asked her Twitter followers to help her fight the case by donating to her crowdfunding campaign. “I am crowdfunding to help defray the insane costs of my defense against this frivolous lawsuit,” he said in a tweet storm on Tuesday, leaving his Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses for donations.

Cobie, who has donated huge sums of crypto to various causes in the past, replied that he would send “100k or something” when he was at his computer. Shortly after, a 100,000 USDC transaction from FTX crypto exchange to Atozy’s wallet passed, and Cobie confirmed that he had sent the money.

Armstrong runs BitBoy Crypto, the largest crypto YouTube channel with over 1.44 million subscribers, where he promotes dodgy crypto projects that often fail or severely underperform the market. In a CNBC interview this month, Armstrong said he regretted taking money from crypto companies to promote their products.

Disclosure: At the time of writing this article, the author of this article owned ETH and several other cryptocurrencies.

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