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DCU Lounge Launch Brings Unique Utilities, Earnable Exchanges, and Blockchain with Full Ecosystem to the Challenge Space

DCU Lounge Launch Brings Unique Utilities, Earnable Exchanges, and Blockchain with Full Ecosystem to the Challenge Space

/EIN News/ — NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentralized United (DCU), a project that started two months ago and launched a unique exchange, will hold a Pink Sale Fair launch on August 12, 2022. The project will offer a variety of utilities, including some unique to the crypto world. The DCU team consists of a fairly large number of members who have already created other projects. Decentralized United’s goal is to create an ecosystem of public services, which would act as a one-stop-shop for the people who use it. With this strategy in mind, DCU will have several live utilities at launch. DCU Smart Swap and Anon Bridge are already live. Chainlink Lotto, Play2Earn games and Weekly Giveaways will launch simultaneously with the token launch. Root Layer Yielding, another unique utility, will be developed in the future.

DCU Smart Swap is the first Trade2Earn exchange of its kind. The way the swap works is that it gives a percentage of the transaction back to the user. This means that when people redeem their tokens on the platform, they receive cashback in the form of crypto tokens from one of DCU’s listed partners. This cash back is based on the dollar value of the transaction and varies between 2 and 5%. So, if a user trades $100 worth of tokens, they will receive between $2 and $5 worth of tokens in return. Another special feature of the swap is that it uses a built-in multi-chain liquidity aggregator to find the best price for the tokens the user is trading.

Another utility worth mentioning is the Anonymous Bridge. This use case allows users to transfer crypto between wallets untraceably. With Smart Swap, the Bridge is already online and can be used.

DCU will be hosting a Chainlink sweepstakes that people can enter each week. It will use tickets that users can purchase from a Dapp website on DCU. The draw will take place every Friday and it will be fully automated by the Chainlink servers. This will ensure that the draw is fair and secure.

Play2Earn games such as Coin Flip, Horse race, Dice call, BlackJack can be played by users on DCU website. These games will be played using $DCU tokens and offer a potential 2 instant boost on the amount invested.

Finally, an interesting concept for a Root Layer Yield (RLY) utility will provide a new way to diversify assets, as the project implies. RLY will look like the roots of a very large tree, with a large number of nodes, classified into layers and strings. People will have the option to purchase these nodes and each node will benefit from the ones below. An intriguing concept to say the least. Decentralized United will be posting more information about root layer performance soon, as this is a unique concept and likely never done before.

In conclusion, DCU offers interesting use cases for its native $DCU token. With the imminent launch of the show, the intriguing utilities that are being planned and released, the great team behind the project, Decentralized United is shaping up to be an interesting project and worth checking out.


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