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Derivatives DEX platform Derivio launches mainnet on zkSync Era


  • Derivio, a Binance Labs incubated decentralised derivatives exchange, announced its mainnet is live on the zkSync Era.
  • zkSync Era is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution.
  • Users have a chance to trade perpetuals and options on more than 20 markets.

Derivio, a decentralised derivatives exchange built on the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution zkSync Era, has launched its mainnet, according to an announcement.

The Binance Labs-incubated DEX platform seeks to carve a share of the DeFi market by bringing the benefits of on-chain derivatives trading to users. Its infrastructure leverages zkSync Era features such as fast transactions, low gas fees and account abstraction to allow for greater adoption of derivatives.

“We’re excited to announce that Derivio’s mainnet beta is now live at derivio.xyz! Users can trade perpetuals & options with more than 20 different markets, provide liquidity and earn high organic risk-adjusted DeFi yield on @zksync Era,” the platform posted on X.

In addition to supporting perps and options trading on multiple markets, Derivio offers access to real yield for liquidity providers. 

Institutions and builders can also tap into the key features of decentralisation and modularity for their hybrid order book protocols or derivatives vaults. 

As part of the launch and to incentivise further adoption, Derivio plans to introduce several mainnet events, including trading competitions and retroactive incentives.


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