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Ethereum Merge: Talk the Town

Ethereum Merge: Talk the Town

The Ethereum merger is the only topic being discussed right now in the crypto sphere. A hotly debated topic was the network-wide update that will turn Ethereum into a proof-of-stake (PoS) network. Considering the many setbacks he has had before, some are still optimistic about his September appearance, while a small number of others are more pessimistic. But Tim Beiko of the Ethereum network gave new hope to the community with his tweet.

Beiko shared a link titled “Merger Mainnet Readiness Checklist” earlier today. The fact that almost everything on the list was completed demonstrated that the merger was proceeding as planned in September.

Source: Twitter

Stress tests, which included single client load/metrics and network load tests, in which larger blocks and shorter slot periods were included, were the only things left. Also, post-merger resource depletion and threat analysis had not yet been done.

Several platforms continued to support Ethereum’s major change amidst this. Aave only advised its members to continue supporting the Ethereum PoS chain yesterday. Yuga Laboratories said earlier today that everything was ready for the upcoming merger. However, the company also said that in the event of a hard fork, it would only accept NFTs on the PoS chain.

Source: Twitter

Ethereum merger could lose support if watchdogs are invested

Following the merger, there have been many speculative claims about how Ethereum could fall under the control of the authorities, and several members of the community expressed their concern over these allegations. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said the company may stop offering its Ethereum staking services in light of the current circumstances.

Coinbase then opened for ETH staking earlier this month.

Although there seem to be alternatives, Armstrong hopes such a situation does not occur.

However, ETH seemed to be taking a hit in the market when it comes to price. At press time, ETH was priced at $1845.32 with a rise of 0.12% in the last 24 hours.


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