Home Technology Gala Partners with Stick Figure Productions to Distribute Four Down on the Blockchain

Gala Partners with Stick Figure Productions to Distribute Four Down on the Blockchain

Gala Partners with Stick Figure Productions to Distribute Four Down on the Blockchain

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Gala, a leading innovator in blockchain games and music, has announced the launch of Gala Film. This new vertical from world-leading company Web3 continues the brand’s commitment to providing fans with unique opportunities to enrich their experiences, combined with incredible programming and exciting projects.

Watch and win with Gala Films

With this announcement also shared by Gala Film, they will be teaming up with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Stick Figure Productions to present FOUR DOWN, a feature-length documentary directed by award-winning filmmaker Steven Cantor based on the New York Times bestselling NOT WITHOUT HOPE, written by Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman.

Other notable upcoming projects/partnerships include:

  • A partnership with Ai&Aiko, one of the most popular GIF lines in history, has been awarded GIPHY’s #1 Artist of the Year with over 48 billion views and holds 4 Guinness World Records. This will see the simplistic and charming visual storytelling of Peter Draw come to life through the Gala Film platform.
  • A partnership with filmmaker and actor, David Bianchi (“True Story” Netflix, “Resident Alien” Universal/Peacock) and founder of Exertion3 (a blockchain film production company) to produce a live-action sci-fi series” RAZOR” for an exclusive Liberation blockchain.
  • A partnership with Battle Island in the production of their animated series ‘Ghosts of Ruin’.
  • Making the Chronic’ – a series of 16 shorts where Snoop Dogg narrates each of the tracks from his album.

Gala Film’s main advantage is its ability to offer a “Watch and Earn” mechanism using the same blockchain technology that underpins Gala Music’s “Listen and Earn” ecosystem, providing fans with ways to earn rewards. via nodes and NFTs. With Gala Film, fans now have the power to actively participate in the content they consume, take control of their entertainment through digital ownership, and support new projects by voting on script or casting choices. Filmmakers and artists can also reclaim their creative license through a deeper connection with their audience and the ability to distribute their content directly to people who want to watch it.

By adding movies to its hit music and gaming platforms, the company is also able to offer an interoperable ecosystem where fans can benefit from crossover content.

Sarah Buxton, COO of Gala, said:

“The launch of Gala Film marks the beginning of a new era in Web3 entertainment. Our ecosystem offers exceptional engagement and access to new launches, with fans able to enjoy unique experiences, empower creatives, and be rewarded for it. We are committed to providing fan-centric entertainment, where technology is used to enhance the fan experience without ever becoming a barrier to entry or enjoyment.

Gala is a world-leading web3 entertainment company that uses blockchain technology to power digital ownership and rewards, creating a revolutionary new way to create and consume entertainment. Launched in 2019, Gala is the parent company of Gala Games, Gala Music and Gala Film. The vision unites the three brands in the common pursuit of delivering unique and immersive experiences powered by Web3 to fans. Gala also gives creative license back to content creators and emerging talent with direct access to fans and the ability to offer meaningful involvement in new projects.

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