Home Business How does this payment aggregator solution help crypto businesses make payments?

How does this payment aggregator solution help crypto businesses make payments?

How does this payment aggregator solution help crypto businesses make payments?

Since the emergence of bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency has garnered tremendous interest and interest over the past few years. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is said to be vindicated amid the global crypto market crash, with crypto players losing 70% of its value since November. As the pool of investors has shrunk from regions and government bodies are steadily considering measures to increase valuation and its usefulness, crypto players are eager to expand their geo-presence and prepare for recession. They encounter a blockage when it comes to local and KYT payments, where payment gateways play a major role and help integrate single payment as payment methods across regions. No code payment stack would help crypto businesses by providing more options when making payments and reducing multiple transaction chains. Mr. Karthik Narayanan, Director of Products and Technology, and Mr. Anantharaman Pattabiraman, Director of Engineering, co-founders of Inai Technologies share more ideas on the same.

How did you find Inai Technologies? name a few investors in the company?

As digital businesses expand into new markets, they face constant pressure to introduce new payment methods. During these times, global payments presented a problem that often becomes a fallout as it requires hiring skilled developers and building all those manual integrations, they risk losing their competitive edge.

We’ve run into a hurdle when it comes to payment gateways and being serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve observed that when digital businesses expand into new markets, they face constant pressure to introduce new new payment methods. It takes time and resources to hire skilled developers and create a manual integration. When our e-commerce business started to take off, payment logistics strained our resources. This prompted us to explore a solution to this problem, which led to Inai Technologies. Inai is a Tamil word meaning to connect one or more things.

By providing access to a hugely diverse range of global alternative payment methods, we are helping businesses break into challenging new regions and delivering the kind of seamless digital experience that consumers are increasingly demanding. And by empowering non-engineers to operate complex global payment solutions, we open up a whole new world of entrepreneurial possibilities.

inai was part of the Summer YC 21 cohort, and as the product grew, we attracted financial support from some of the sharpest investment minds in the world.

Elaborate more on your customers and who do you consider your immediate competitor?

We have a very diverse customer base from different industries around the world. We have been partnered with Zoom car India, Healthifyme, Skill-Lync, Pillow, Upmesh and Yummy and help them solve their payment issues and grow their business globally.

For digital businesses around the world, we provide services such as

  • Supports different subscription models for e-commerce merchants or SaaS companies to sell in multiple geographies
  • Locate the payment experience
  • Commercial payment analysis
  • Wallet management for clients with over 300 payment methods

We have no direct competitors.

How is your business growing in the world outside of India?

Inai helps businesses get started on 6 continents in 60 minutes. Inai has customers all over the world – Americas, MENA, Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent and Australia. Inai comes into play when merchants decide to cross geographic borders or add payment methods in that region.

Will there be a reduction in fraudulent payments when brands use Inai?

Inai helps add and manage products and deals in a single dashboard, where it provides insights and analysis on deals that failed to optimize. Each payment option is designed to keep money and data safe. Our system simplifies PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance, with flexible integration and built-in enterprise-grade security.

How will Inai Technologies help Indian companies with global payment?

With Inai’s developer-friendly integration, there is an increase in conversion and automates all payment methods. Inai helps reduce cross-border payment fees and provides a faster KYC/KYB process for international payments via inai connect. We offer a fully dynamic, workflow-driven payment experience that lets you automate end-to-end payments without having to wait for developers.

Overview of Crypto and Payment Stack Supporting Crypto Drive Expansion

Crypto transactions are quite a complicated payment stack and are different from other payment platforms. Global diversification helps crypto platforms expand their base and grow their business. Inai helps solve the complicated payment stack between crypto and fiat currency, by providing a single integration platform, thus providing a simple payment stack.

How do payment integration platforms like Inai Technologies help address challenges when escalating and escalating payments?

Inai offers several payment chains and crypto readers can help us with on-ramp and off-ramp transactions. Crypto firms accept multiple payment options during on-ramp transactions and offer multiple payment options for the off-ramp transaction, in multiple geographies, which complicates the process. Inai solves this problem by providing a single integration that businesses can connect to their checkout and accept payments globally.

What obstacles do crypto players face when trying to expand overseas?

It should also be noted that not all payment methods are supported for crypto companies globally. For example, credit cards are not an approved form of payment for ramp access in some geographies. With inai, all of this is reduced to a single integration and button clicks, post-work with payment processors in the relevant countries.


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