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How Pig Butchering Crypto Scam Victim Got His Million Dollars Back

How Pig Butchering Crypto Scam Victim Got His Million Dollars Back

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Crypto Pig Butcher Scam Victim Lost Over $1 Million And Recovered It By Filing A Report With reportscammedbitcoin.com. This gives hope of recovering funds to all victims of pork butcher scam as well as other types of cryptocurrency related scams that it is possible to recover all your stolen funds.

We’ve all heard horror stories about rug pulls, crypto pump and dump scams, crypto Iinvestment scam that usually leaves the victim’s bank account empty. But there is a new type of fraud that is becoming popular these days called “pig butchering”. This is something you are definitely going to have to avoid at all costs.

What is a pig butcher crypto scam?

This is a new type of scam that cleverly combines a romance scam and an investment plan. Romance and romance scams have been around since the early days of the internet. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, came into existence in 2009 and became very popular a few years ago. However, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has also been accompanied by scams such as pig slaughter.

Pig Slaughter mixes romance, scam and investment schemes. It’s a calculated manipulation game that targets lonely people and sucks them dry. It started in Southeast Asia and got its name from the way pigs are “fattened up” before being slaughtered and eaten. The victim (or pig) is “slaughtered” when the scammers manage to convince them to invest in a fake platform, then disappear with their money.

Pig Butchering Crypto Scam is on the Rise

According to an FBI report, reports of these scams are on the rise. According to Secret Service Special Agent Shawn Bradstreet, law enforcement and global anti-scam organizations have received so much lately that earlier this year they issued a public service announcement warning people about them.

Reportscammedbitcoin.com also published a list of cryptocurrency scammers to make people aware of this common feature of the scam. A strange thing about this trend is the fact that many scams are pushed by crime syndicates. Fortunately, the authorities are making people aware of this trend by media coverage.

How to Avoid the Pig Butcher Crypto Scam

Considering the fact that approximately billions of dollars have already been lost due to this scam, we want to help people avoid falling for the pig butcher crypto scam. Here are the steps to follow to avoid the crypto pig butcher scam.

Do not reply to any random texts/messages

Be careful when using social media/dating apps

Avoid investment opportunities that sound too good to be true

How a Man Recovered the $1 Million He Lost to the Pig Butcher Crypto Scam

Cyril received an unexpected WhatsApp message.

“Jessy” told him that she had found his number in his phone contacts and was contacting him because she thought they might be old colleagues. Cyril, a man living in the San Francisco Bay Area, did not remember her.

But he felt comfortable around her because she seemed to be nice, cool and interesting. She even shared photos of what she ate, leading to the discussion of their mutual love of sushi. Cyril enjoyed the conversation enough to continue the conversation with her the next day.

How a man became the victim of a pig slaughter scam

The text exchange quickly became more personal. And Cyril now felt comfortable enough to tell Jessy about how he struggled to support his family, about his sick father and how the decision to send his father to hospice care affected him financially.

They started communicating in October 2021. And by early 2022, Cyril had been scammed out of over $1 million. What’s worse is that more than a quarter of that money was borrowed money. His finances were in shambles. Cyril, who asked us not to use his real name, realized that he had been the victim of a “pig slaughter crypto scam”.

How a Man Recovered the $1 Million He Lost to the Crypto Pig Butcher Scam by Reporting

Fortunately for Cyril, he quickly filed a complaint with reportscammedbitcoin.com, he immediately realized that he had been scammed. However, he didn’t have much hope of recovering his stolen money. They took his entire report, worked on it, and Cyril was lucky to have the resources and crypto technology to help him get his funds back.

To Cyril’s surprise, he was really happy when ReportScammedBitcoin was able to recover and return the total sum of $1.17 million that he had lost to the pig butcher crypto scam. Like Cyril, you too can recover your fraudulent bitcoins and cryptocurrencies by report a fraudulent bitcoin.

Report and get your money back if you fall victim to a crypto butchery scam

A victim of the Pig Butchering scam never realizes they have been scammed until they attempt to withdraw their funds. This is when they are told that they have to pay a fee before their money can be released. Often the scammers simply disappear with the stolen funds, which are almost impossible to recover.

Crypto and blockchain allow for very advanced ways to trace stolen funds through risk monitoring companies like ours, but once funds are lost there is no guarantee that they will be recovered. You can try to recover from the Pig Butchering scam by reporting to ReportScammedBitcoin.com.


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