Home Technology Immersive Tech Executive Rebecca Barkin Joins LAMINA1 as President

Immersive Tech Executive Rebecca Barkin Joins LAMINA1 as President

Immersive Tech Executive Rebecca Barkin Joins LAMINA1 as President

Barkin brings two decades of IoT, augmented reality and metaverse expertise to the Layer-1 blockchain founded by Neal Stephenson and Peter Vessenes

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LAMINATED1, the layer 1 blockchain purpose-built for the metaverse, has named veteran technology manager Rebecca Barkin as president. Barkin brings two decades of experience building creative strategies and products, partnering with world-class brands, artists and developers to create and deliver unforgettable interactions and stories that leverage emerging technologies. More recently, Barkin has held leadership positions at the groundbreaking immersive venue Madison Square Garden Sphere and pioneer of augmented reality (AR) magic jump.

Neal Stephenson, the renowned futurist and author who coined the term “Metaverse”, and Peter Vessenes, the cryptocurrency pioneer and founder of the first VC-backed Bitcoin company, co-founded LAMINA1 in June 2022 with the aim of empower current and future creators. to build the open metaverse.

In addition to Stephenson and Vessenes, Barkin joins an esteemed group of LAMINA1 executives – including chief strategy officer Tony Parisi, former head of AR/VR at Unity Technologies, and vice president of game partnerships and media Jamil Moledina, former EA and Google executive – who will soon bring LAMINA1’s visionary infrastructure and creator-centric economy to life.

With a deep understanding of immersive technology, design, and entertainment, Barkin is a clear choice to lead LAMINA1 in delivering purpose-built layer 1 blockchain for creators as they embrace the metaverse and Web3. In her recent role at Madison Square Garden Entertainment, she worked with top brands and directors to imagine experiences that leverage the full range of Sphere technologies with the goal of moving audiences and creating memorable, high-value engagements with customers. As VP of Brand and Platform Design at Magic Leap, she led the brand and OS redesign for Magic Leap 2, and previously as VP from studio strategy and partnerships, she led the development of AR experiences with premium partners like Alibaba, Weta, Warner Bros. , and HBO’s Game of Thrones, an award-winning creation that saw augmented reality hit retail for the very first time at AT&T. She was also executive producer of Tónandi – an interactive audio-visual experience, which won a DICE award for outstanding technical achievement.

“I’ve always been passionate about the opportunities that disruptive technologies provide for creatives, brands and businesses,” said Barkin. “At LAMINA1, we aim to build the preferred blockchain for the Open Metaverse – a chain that honors and incentivizes its creators, respects the agency and privacy of its customers, and is purpose-built to sustainably power this new economy. I am thrilled to join visionary Neal Stephenson and crypto pioneer Peter Vessenes in leading LAMINA1 in bringing to life a vision for the Open Metaverse that empowers creators and consumers alike.

In 2020, Barkin was listing as one of South Florida’s 2020 Influential Businesswomen by the South Florida Business Journal for his role at Magic Leap, driving live entertainment technology and innovation. She was also recognized for her active role in mentoring female leaders and promoting diversity in product design, which remains true today with her involvement in Chief – an organization designed for senior female pioneers to strengthen their leadership journey.

“Rebecca’s personal skills, strength of vision and expertise are simply outstanding; far beyond his (impressive) biography. As the blockchain industry has grown over the past decade, it has managed to capture higher and higher leadership for key positions. Rebecca is the type of leader Neal and I love – detailed, visionary, grounded in technical and creative expertise. I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish here! said LAMINA1 co-founder and president Peter Vessenes.

For more information and to get involved, visit LAMINA1.com and join our community discord.gg/lamina1.


The brainchild of Neal Stephenson (chairman), who first conceptualized the metaverse in his million-selling 1992 book Snowfall, and Peter Vessenes (CEO), a founding leader from the early days of Bitcoin, LAMINA1 is a layer 1 blockchain purpose-built to power the Open Metaverse. LAMINA1’s blockchain technology, crypto model and extensive intellectual property partnerships (to be announced throughout 2022) will make it the preferred destination for the most creative minds of this generation – those shaping the digital societies of the future. This is the world’s first proven carbon negative blockchain.


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