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Interest shown in crypto – The Cryptonomist

Interest shown in crypto – The Cryptonomist

After the start of the collapse in the value of many crypto assets, which has deepened since April this year, the asset has become more attractive to many.

CoinGecko’s Research on Interest in Crypto

Despite the strong bear market phase that the sector has gone through, interest in cryptocurrencies around the world does not seem to have died down

CoinGeckothe leading cryptocurrency trend tracker, has compiled a ranking of countries by interest in digital currencies via Google trends and coefficient data.

The research looked at the number of searches as a proportion of the labor force from April 2022 to today for keywords such as “cryptocurrency”, “invest in cryptocurrency” and “buy cryptocurrency ” in every country of the world, and some very interesting data has come out.

On the podium, we find The UAE (United Arab Emirates), which came second with a coefficient of 270 and in this specific case shone with particular emphasis on the phrase “investing in cryptocurrencies” emphasizing the basics of the subject.

In third place in this special ranking is Singapore with a score of 261 highlighting outsized interest in Ethereum.

In fifth place is the UK, which with a total research score of 198 shows how far ahead of the curve UK investors are as they have Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon as their top crypto assets.

At the bottom of the ranking, among the 12 countries most interested in the asset since last April, is the United States, which is the true outsider in research.

While showing persistent interest, the country bruised by the recent Terra/Luna and Three-spired capital scandals shows lower percentages than the countries mentioned above. However, it is the sixth country in the world in terms of interest in the Solana token credited by many as “the most undervalued digital currency”.

In total, the US achieves a score of 157 and in the basket of crypto assets that most interests Americans we find the same as the Saxons, namely Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin.

Many will wonder who will dominate this strange ranking, and the answer is not the most obvious.

Nigeria, the country most interested in cryptocurrencies

Nigeria beat everyone with a coefficient of 371 points to rank first.

The African country ranks first for searches for the three keywords mentioned by CoinGecko, and its population appears to have the most (in absolute terms) users who have searched for the above keywords.

In this Central African country, the Solana token is also very successful.

Despite the recent pirate attacks on its algorithm which weakens its security, investors seem to believe more and more in the token, which turns out to be the most undervalued.

Appetite for crypto seems to be growing despite a bear market that is depressing the hard core of crypto enthusiasts and is an important signal that suggests how much the enthusiast base is widening, which bodes well for the future and will increase cash flow and transactions when the market turns bullish again.


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