Is there a perfect strategy for crypto investments? Discover YouHodler’s Dual Assets

Is there a perfect strategy for crypto investments?  Discover YouHodler’s Dual Assets

Is there a perfect strategy for crypto investments?  Discover YouHodler's Dual Assets



As any crypto trader or investor can tell you, there are higher than normal risks when it comes to getting into cryptocurrencies. Although the chances of profiting exist, especially through different innovative means such as staking, becoming a liquidity provider and other means, digital assets are susceptible to crashing as much as they rise in value.

But recently, that is becoming a thing of the past with the entry of a game-changing investment strategy allowing people to profit even in bear markets.

Invest for safe profits

YouHodler has developed creative ways to make it easy for people to find better investment opportunities in the cryptosphere. The platform creates services that provide users with new ways to unlock utilities and value cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Their latest service, Dual Assets, hits all the right buttons as it gives users the ability to generate profits regardless of the crypto market conditions. Sounds a bit borderline fancy, right? Let’s see how it works.

Dual assets consist of two sides, a cryptocurrency and a stablecoin. Users have the option of depositing in either. The next point is to select a staking plan, which can range from one to five days. Here, it is important to note two things: the return percentage (APR) and the strike (or settlement) price.



Once the staking period is over, one of two things will happen, depending on the settlement price:

  • Settlement price higher than original price: If the cryptocurrency has increased in value during staking, the user receives assets in the form of stablecoins plus profits.
  • Settlement price lower than original price: A cheaper cryptocurrency at the end of the staking period causes the payment to flow (and yield) into the crypto asset itself.

Profits in a bear market?

It is now easy to understand how YouHodler’s Dual Assets program can help people make profits in bull markets as the main amount, and the profits are in stablecoins with a real increase in the value of the holdings. But many may wonder how profitable it is in a bear market, given that there may be scenarios where the principal amount and the return paid may be worth less than the value of the initial amount when the markets fall.

While that’s one way of looking at it, it’s not really losing money per se. As an investor or trader, one is prone to buying assets when they are cheap and reselling them later at a profit. What YouHodler Dual Assets did is exactly that. With the initial amount secured and a return on top, users end up with a larger amount of crypto in hand than before, which is akin to buying the dip. Even if the user liquidates the coin when it reaches the initial investment price, the mere fact that there is more to sell leads to profits.

In short, dual assets generate profits in a bull market and grow assets in a bear market that can be sold for profit when the market turns.

Stake to the end

YouHodler users can easily get the most out of crypto investments. The platform currently offers up to 8.32% APY on savings for stablecoins and up to 100% APR on double stablecoin investments. Split your investments and diversify. Take advantage of self-compounding weekly savings while taking advantage of double investments.

YouHodler also provides a suite of other world-class services, including loans for an incredible 90% LTV for the best coins on the market, which can be easily liquidated in fiat through the powerful exchange within the versatile mobile app. YouHodler.


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