Home Markets Kresus teams up with Collectibles.com as preferred crypto wallet partner

Kresus teams up with Collectibles.com as preferred crypto wallet partner

Kresus teams up with Collectibles.com as preferred crypto wallet partner
  • Collectibles.com is gearing up for its much-anticipated launch.
  • Collectibles.com is a Web3 collectibles marketplace that allows collectors to buy, sell, and trade assets.
  • Kresus Collectibles.com partnership makes Kresus the preferred wallet solution for Collectibles.com collectibles.

In a strategic move set to reshape the world of collectibles and blockchain technology, leading app developer Kresus has announced its partnership with Collectibles.com, a Web3 collectibles marketplace that is set to launch in October.

Kresus, renowned for its secure and user-friendly crypto wallet, has been designated as the preferred crypto wallet solution by Collectibles.com. This partnership will be pivotal in Collectibles.com’s mission to revolutionize the global collectibles industry through blockchain innovation.

Collectibles.com to launch in October

Collectibles.com is slated for an October launch and is poised to become the world’s first Web3 community and marketplace tailored to collectors and their diverse interests. Collectors signing up for this platform can create a Kresus wallet during registration, providing a secure avenue for managing their digital assets.

Collectibles.com aims to establish new industry standards by offering a dynamic platform for buying, selling, and trading collectibles while fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. It aims to provide an engaging and transparent user experience for those with a passion for sports cards, comics, or signed memorabilia.

Kresus aligns seamlessly with this vision, ensuring that user assets and transactions are handled with the utmost security and convenience.

Bridging the gap between traditional and Web3

Kresus, often dubbed a SuperApp, bridges the gap between traditional and Web3 worlds. Serving consumers and institutions, it functions as a versatile crypto wallet and a portal to the wonders of Web3. What sets it apart is its commitment to security, employing an advanced account recovery mechanism within a non-custodial framework.

Kresus grants users secure access to decentralized applications, providing a familiar interface to explore the benefits of Web3 technology. As Collectibles.com’s preferred wallet provider, Kresus is ideally positioned to introduce collectors to the exciting realm of Web3.



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