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Kwil Receives $9.6M in Funding from FTX Ventures and DCG

Kwil Receives $9.6M in Funding from FTX Ventures and DCG

Decentralized Database Solutions Kwil has received a $9.6 million funding round from crypto venture capital firms FTX Ventures and Digital Currency Group (DCG) according to a deposit filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


FTX supports most commonly traded cryptocurrencies. FTX trading supports over 300 projects in the crypto world. FTX’s unique products include Stake, Leveraged Tokens, Decree, Futures and spot markets. At a time, Digital Currency Group (DCG) builds and supports bitcoin and blockchain businesses by leveraging knowledge, network and access to capital.

Kwil is the first distributed decentralized SQL database solution for building dApps and advanced protocols. It ensures that large amounts of blockchain data are stored and processed in a short time. This process allows dApp to access its data when connected to other applications. KwilDB has unique features and enables customers to create products that make its customers superior to their competitors.

The decentralized SQL database for Kwil users is called KwilDB. Based on a distributed SQL database, KwilDB developers can afford the luxury of easily accessing other datasets. Developers can easily choose the data they want to build their app on. KwilDB Web3.0 provides unprecedented developer experience with full data aggregation unlike traditional Web2.0 database.

Crypto exchange firms FTX Ventures and DCG will both benefit from investing in Kwil by earning returns on their investments while Kwil uses the funds to build structures for its users and developers.

Kwil currently partners with companies such as Blockchain, Amplify, Arweave, NGC Ventures, FJ LABS, and DCG for funding and blockchain industry insights.

come out like one of the core protocols for receiving VC fundingKwil has now been added as one of the outfits being considered to lead the future of Web3.0 by its core offerings.

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