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Maharashtra issues 1 lakh degrees on blockchain

Maharashtra issues 1 lakh degrees on blockchain

Now, Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) students will be able to have their credentials verified in seconds, a process that otherwise takes 30 days. The MSBSD has issued 1 lakh of verifiable digital credentials anchored on the Polygon blockchain using LegitDoc, the blockchain document verification platform.

Neil Martis, co-founder of LegitDoc, told Business Today that before the system was implemented, the credentialing process involved 1,000 people and took more than a month.

Martis said: “MSBSD traditionally used to issue degrees on paper, a tedious exercise that usually required the involvement of more than 1,000 people in its chain of training institutes and departments, spanning over one month.”

He also pointed out that the audit took the same amount of time and involved three board members. But now all these processes would only take a few seconds on the LegitDoc-Polygon DApp deployed on the council website.

Martis said, “Additionally, credential verification was also a manual process in which a verification request would have to be handled by nearly three board officials with a typical turnaround time of 30 days.”

In addition to making the process extremely fast, uploading diplomas to the blockchain also has other advantages. He said: “The council has chosen to issue digital degrees anchored on a public blockchain, which gives them the highest level of security, privacy, transparency, direct ownership and portability between platforms.”

LegitDoc announced in a statement that MSBSD will award a total of 3 lakh digital degrees over the next two academic years.

MSBSD previously deployed LegitDoc DApp as a pilot to issue and verify digital degree certificates and transcripts on the Ethereum blockchain. However, due to high gas fees and throughput issues with Ethereum, the board switched to Polygon.

LegitDoc previously collaborated with Etapalli district administration in Maharashtra to issue 65,000 tribal caste certificates on Polygon.

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