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Manta Network battles DDoS attack after TGE as new Telegram bot steals the show


  • Manta Network battles DDoS post-MANTA launch; 135M RPC requests flood, causing delays.
  • Bitbot revolutionizes retail trading on Telegram with non-custodial, AI-backed solutions.
  • BITBOT token presale unfolds across 15 stages, offering investors a structured opportunity.

In a whirlwind of recent events, Manta Network faced a DDoS attack right after the successful launch of its MANTA token, causing a stir in the crypto community. Meanwhile, Bitbot, a Telegram trading bot, is making waves by empowering retail investors.

Jin us as we delve into the challenges Manta Network is facing and explore Bitbot’s mission to put institutional-grade tools in the hands of individual investors.

Manta Network DDoS attack

Manta Network, a modular blockchain protocol renowned for its focus on zero-knowledge (ZK) application development, encountered a significant setback shortly after the launch of its governance token, $MANTA. The network experienced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, as confirmed by the co-founder, Kenny Li.

This malicious attempt flooded the network with over 135 million remote procedure call (RPC) requests, a coordinated effort to obstruct normal operations.

Li reassured the community that despite the severity of the attack, the blockchain is running securely, product production continues, and funds remain safe. However, the assault severely limited communication between applications and the blockchain, resulting in delayed transactions and slower withdrawal times.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Manta Network swiftly responded, stating that it is working tirelessly to deploy enhanced DDoS mitigation efforts. The attack’s abnormal scale and duration posed challenges, extending the resolution timeframe.

Bitbot: revolutionizing retail trading

In the midst of the crypto storm, a new Telegram bot named Bitbot has emerged as a game-changer for retail investors.

With a mission to provide institutional-grade tools within a non-custodial framework, Bitbot stands as a beacon for those seeking financial autonomy. Built on Telegram, it offers an elegant, user-friendly solution backed by proprietary AI, allowing users full control of their assets.

Bitbot boasts ultra-flexible wallet management, utilizing non-custodial API technology secured by Knightsafe’s custody solution. Key safety features include an Anti MEV Bot, preventing manipulation of blockchain opportunities, and anti-rug features, safeguarding users against crypto scams.

Users can seamlessly copy the trades of top-performing traders, enjoy a built-in referral program, and experience easy sign-up with the creation of up to three free wallets.

Bitbot’s presale launched on January 17 offering 30% of the total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens up for grabs for earlycomers. The presale spans 15 stages, each with a designated percentage of tokens and token price.

In the first stage, the BITBOT token is going for $0.01 and the price is expected to rise to $0.0105 in the next stage. The token price will keep on rising with each presale stage meaning the early bird has the opportunity to reap the most.


As Manta Network navigates a DDoS attack showcasing its commitment to security and privacy, Bitbot’s emergence as a retail investor-friendly trading bot brings institutional-grade tools to the masses, ushering in a new era of financial autonomy.

As these entities weather challenges and forge ahead, the crypto community witnesses the evolution of technologies and solutions that promise to redefine the future of decentralized finance and blockchain applications.


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