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Mark Mobius on the Metaverse, Crypto, Recession and Emerging Markets

Mark Mobius on the Metaverse, Crypto, Recession and Emerging Markets

Expert in emerging markets and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, Mark Mobius, isn’t stung by the metaverse but thinks the companies creating it could be an interesting opportunity. He also had a lot to say on other topics such as cryptocurrency and the recession.

What happened: Mobius in an interview with omny.fm said that the service offered by companies linked to the metaverse could be quite desirable.

Important companies related to this sector include Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc METAchip maker NVIDIA Corp. NVDA, Unit Software you and Roblox Corp. RBLX.

The seasoned investor said he will keep an eye on Ukraine, what is happening in U.S. markets generally and interest rates, and most importantly, the growth prospects of emerging market companies that have not not been affected by the recession.

About Crypto: Mobius said that cryptocurrencies dominate the market because there are millions of people who have invested in different types. “I always tell people that I don’t like to talk about cryptocurrencies in public. It’s a matter of faith.”

The two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are currently Bitcoin BTC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USD.

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On the recession: Dubbed “the Indiana Jones of emerging market investing,” Mobius said consumer confidence isn’t great but consumer spending is strong in the United States.

“In that kind of environment, as soon as unemployment goes up, which it hasn’t yet, you’ll have a recession.”

Emerging countries heavily dependent on exports will have problems, except for companies in the technology sector, he explained.

India outlook: Mobius said the beauty of the Indian situation is that you have about a billion people and they have a domestic market that is very strong and getting stronger every day.

In India, Mobius is studying software and certain types of hardware, while investing heavily in companies that support chip production. “We are looking at the area of ​​health testing. We are also considering a construction zone,” he said.

About Sri Lanka: Mobius said Sri Lanka will need more political reforms where reformist leaders will start changing the way business is done. “It would take time, but I think in a year or two Sri Lanka will be back on its feet,” he said.

Mobius advice for investing in emerging markets:

  1. Buy stocks in emerging markets
  2. Buy companies that have no or very little debt. In this environment, debt is going to be a heavy burden
  3. Buy companies that have very good management

Photo credit: Mobius Capital Partners


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