Market Manipulators Cause Big Losses For Investors: Cyber ​​Crime Urges Be Careful With Crypto Manipulators

Market Manipulators Cause Big Losses For Investors: Cyber ​​Crime Urges Be Careful With Crypto Manipulators

Cybercrime Specialist

Cybercrime Specialist

Scammers often target new investors to fall for their fake crypto investing by luring them with false information about the rise in value of their assets.

Fraudsters are not always the ones who attack an investor’s portfolio right away. Sometimes these scammers pose as friends and give advice and information that may be false. »

—Timothy Benson

SOFIA, BULGARIA, August 30, 2022 / — Since cryptocurrency was introduced to the world, it has also been accompanied by manipulation of the crypto market, which can be called the crypto pump and dump pattern. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have managed to gain investor confidence and maintain a decent chart in the price chart.

But some digital currencies, especially altcoins, have a sudden, unnatural rise in the charts followed by an instant drop in price. The scammer is instigating the prize and spreading false information about it through social media platforms. They promise big profits within a week or sometimes days and entice investors to invest in the program.

An Indian man lost nearly $12,000 when he realized it was a crypto scam. The victim said they were contacted by someone named Nancy, who claimed to be from Hong Kong and based in London.

Nancy shared a good knowledge of cryptocurrency and told the victim how she made a lot of money after investing in bitcoin when it crashed in 2020. The scammer told the victim about a new coin she had invested in and claimed it had gone up in huge value, convincing the victim to invest in it too. By the time the victim got suspicious it was too late and when he tried to contact the scammer she had him blocked from all the sites they used to communicate.

Cyber-Forensics.Net, a fund recovery service specializing in scammer tracking software, notes: “The scammer uses psychological manipulation to convince the victim. The scammer tells a fake story about how he made a lot of money from such a scheme and lured people. by giving them false information about the rise of a particular coin.”

How does crypto market manipulation work?

Market manipulation is the act of artificially influencing the price of an asset or the behavior of the market. This manipulation can be done by an individual or a group seeking to create an illusion in the market and profit from the consequences.

The scammer tries to trick people into investing in their coins by promising a good increase in profits over a short period of time. The scammer puts pressure on the investor to make a quick decision and forces him not to miss a good opportunity. But once the scammer sells all his coins at a high price, their value drops dramatically, leaving the investors with a major loss.

How to Spot Crypto Market Manipulation?
Many scam groups work in the crypto market every day, targeting price manipulation to scare off new investors. Let’s see how to spot these scams and stay safe from them.

◉ Pump and dump: The most widely used technique in the crypto market today is pump and dump. The fraudster tries to drive up the value of a coin by circulating false information to attract attention. Once they have caught the attention of the targeted investors, the scammers toss the coin for a net profit.
◉ Whale Walls: Whale Walls refer to an individual or institution that holds a significant amount of cryptocurrency or other assets, which gives them the power to influence the market price through their actions.
◉ Wash trading: Wash trading is a variant of the whale wall technique. The investor buys and sells the same security in a short period of time to deceive other market participants about the price or liquidity of an asset.

How to Avoid Crypto Market Manipulation?

Timothy Benson, Chief Analyst at Cyber-Forensics, says, “Fraudsters aren’t always the ones who immediately attack an investor’s portfolio. Sometimes these scammers pose as friends and give advice and information that may be false. Always double-check the facts before making big decisions.”

◉ Always understand investments before embarking on them and use strategies to reduce risk.
◉ Before investing in a new coin, try to understand how it works.
◉ Do not invest just because someone predicted the rise in value of the coin.
◉ Do not make quick decisions under pressure.

How to recover stolen crypto From fraudsters?

Suppose an investor falls victim to such a scam and loses his cryptocurrency; they can seek help from a fund recovery company like Cyber-Forensics, who will explain to an individual how to recover cryptocurrency and helps the victim to recover the lost crypto with its best services.

They also help the victim to overcome the situation by providing the necessary support to help work with technology, authorities, regulators and lawyers to recover the funds.

Does crypto recovery Legit services?

Due to the rise of scammers and scammers, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between legitimate and fake services. To check whether a company is providing a legitimate service, individuals can check the company’s website and clear their doubts. Honesty and integrity are key to choosing the right company. The website should provide quality content and the agents should express their expertise. The company will never guarantee returns or promise a quick turnaround – such a guarantee is a definite fraud. A professional company will not speak ill of the competition. They will present their strengths and will be willing to do so face-to-face or via videoconference. Defamation does not legitimize an institution; this shows that they have no internal rules. If the company’s website lacks information about the services, the person should look for a more reliable service provider. Some companies like Cyber-Forensics.Net with verifiable profiles may also run honeypot scam to catch scammers with the help of lawyers and authorities.

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