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Masa partners with Avalanche to launch zk-data network


  • Masa announced the launch of its zk-Data Network & Marketplace on Monday.
  • The Avalanche subnet will be powered by AvaCloud.
  • Masa has secured strategic investment from Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund.

Masa, a platform building a zero knowledge data network, has announced the launch of its zk-data network and marketplace.  

According to a news release published Monday, Masa will launch the gasless Avalanche subnet in the first quarter of 2024, bringing a customizable blockchain network for personal data to the public.

The subnet will be powered by AvaCloud, a managed blockchain service that allows users to deploy scalable decentralized networks. 

Masa’s quest to enable further adoption across Avalanche will be backed by the Avalanche Foundation as well as via a strategic investment from Blizzard Fund. Blizzard is a venture capital fund dedicated to growth and innovation on the Avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche is the ideal launchpad for custom blockchains, having launched 14 custom blockchains by games, governments or enterprises. This is the perfect architecture to support our ZK-Data network and marketplace. By deploying on a dedicated Avalanche Subnet, major financial institutions, AI startups, and large-scale consumer tech applications can access secure, scalable, ZK-encrypted user data without paying any gas,” Calanthia Mei, co-founder of Masa, noted in a statement.

On the Masa platform, users get paid for their data, with the Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Token (zkSBT) designed as the personal data locker. This ensures every user’s digital footprint remains encrypted and private. Those looking to tap into this infrastructure pay for it to get access to zkSBT.

The Binance and CoinList incubated project has grown to encompass over 800k users since its unveiling in August 2022. It has secured over $7 million from investors.


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