Home Bitcoin Meme Coin Price Predictions – Tamadoge to Overtake Floki Inu, Dogelon Mars and SafeMoon Inu

Meme Coin Price Predictions – Tamadoge to Overtake Floki Inu, Dogelon Mars and SafeMoon Inu

Meme Coin Price Predictions – Tamadoge to Overtake Floki Inu, Dogelon Mars and SafeMoon Inu

In the past, meme coin prices have provided staggering returns throughout 2020 and 2021. However, after the cryptocurrency price crashes in 2022, users are looking for which meme coin to buy next.

This guide looks at Tamadoge – one of the best upcoming cryptos and the best new crypto to buy in 2022. We will also discuss the meme coin price predictions and how to buy Tamadoge in 2022.

5 Key Reasons why Tamadoge is set to Overtake Floki Inu, Dogelon Mars and SafeMoon Inu in 2022

Which meme coin will explode next? While tokens like Floki Inu and SafeMoon Inu have performed well in the past, we recommend Tamadoge as one of the popular meme coins that will explode. Let’s take a look at why this token can be a good investment:

1.    Deflationary Asset

One of the best features of Tamadoge is that it aims to be a deflationary asset. Firstly, TAMA is the native cryptocurrency & utility token of the Tamaverse – a play-to-earn (P2E) virtual ecosystem that lets users participate to earn in-game rewards.


The TAMA token is a deflationary asset, with a maximum token supply of 2 billion coins. On the other hand, Safemoon Inu has a maximum supply of 1 trillion tokens. The Tamadoge team also states that 5% of all tokens used to purchase in-game assets will be burnt. This has been done to increase the token’s demand against the supply.

2.    P2E Platform and NFT Use-Case

TAMA has the potential to provide huge returns over other meme coins and become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. While most meme tokens provide no use-cases to investors and participants, Tamadoge will allow users to participate in a play-to-earn platform to earn more cryptocurrency rewards.

Furthermore, Tamadoge looks to dive deep in the web 3.0 sector by utilizing smart contract technology to provide NFT use-cases to investors. Players can buy, create and breed Tamadoge pets – virtual characters minted as NFT, using smart contract functionality.

These tokens can be purchased with only TAMA on the Tama store. Therefore, the success of the P2E platform may lead to a potential price increase for TAMA tokens.

3.    Multi-Utility Token

When trying to analyze which meme coins will explode, it is important to look at the token’s utility and contribution to its ecosystem on the blockchain. While social media & marketing is important, most meme coins fail to maximize long-term growth due to a lack of utility.

The TAMA tokens are at the centre of the Tamaverse. Users can participate and buy the in-game NFTs solely with TAMA tokens. Furthermore, top performers are rewarded with TAMA, which has been distributed from P2E prize pools. Therefore, TAMA provides actual value to users of the Tamaverse.

4.    Higher Growth Potential

The popular meme coins have corrected from massive highs after providing users with significant returns. For example, Safemoon Inu reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.0002 in 2021 and is currently 98% below its high.

On the other hand, TAMA is currently in its beta presale period and may be available at a very cheap price point. Many cryptocurrencies list for higher prices than their presale periods, providing users with an instant return on investment.

TAMA is set to be listed on LBank – a popular centralized exchange (CEX), and UniSwap – the popular decentralized exchange (DEX). Getting listed on mainstream exchanges typically leads to higher trading volumes due to the tokens being made available to a mainstream audience. Therefore, users can buy Tamadoge on beta presale now.

5.    Future Roadmap Plans

According to Tamadoge’s whitepaper, the platform is expected to launch an augmented-reality (AR) app by Q4 2023. This app will retain the same P2E features of the web-based platform while providing users with a new method to participate on the Tamaverse.

Tamadoge also plans to deploy the Tamadoge Onramper in the coming years, which will be the platform’s gateway to facilitating fiat currency transactions when buying Tamadoge. Finally, the platform has already planned upcoming token deployments in various DEXs and CEXs, which can help in the growth of the token.

Are Meme Tokens Still Dominating the Crypto Market?

After the popularity of meme coins in 2020 and 2021, this crypto sector has died out in the past year. For example, Dogelon Mars has dropped more than 98% from its ATH set in July 2021, while popular cryptos like Dogecoin are 90% below their ATH.

Will meme coins last? While price volatility is not unprecedented in the crypto markets, users must look for the best upcoming cryptos that provide use cases.

A Closer Look at Tamadoge

The Tamadoge platform lets users engage in a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse, with the opportunity to earn rewards via cryptocurrency. The native token, TAMA, is currently going through its beta presale phase, where users can purchase 1 TAMA for $0.01.

A great choice for cost-effective buyers, users only need to make a minimum investment of 1,000 TAMA ($10). With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, users can now buy 50% of the token supply. The team developers have reserved 20% of the supply for future DEX and CEX listings, potentially making the tokens more available to a mainstream market.

The remaining 30% of coins will be released over the next 10 years via minting operations. The Tamadoge pet NFTs will be at the centre of the P2E platform – since users will battle another player with their own NFT avatars to avail points on a monthly leaderboard.

Players that earn the most points are rewarded with TAMA from the ‘dogepool’. Tamadoge’s team has been KYC-verified on CoinSniper, and the smart contract code has been thoroughly audited by SolidProof.io – helping boost the project’s credibility.

Users interested in learning more about the project can subscribe to the official Telegram group and stay updated. Remember admins will never DM you first – beware of scam attempts where impersonators copy the profile picture and user name of crypto project admins or moderators.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

How to Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

Users can now decide whether to invest in the TAMA cryptocurrency. The sections below provide a step-by-step analysis of how to buy Tamadoge in 2022.

Step 1: Set up a Crypto Wallet

When looking for where to buy Tamadoge, users will need to download a crypto wallet.

MetaMask is one of the best crypto wallets, which will allow users to purchase TAMA during the ongoing beta presale.

Users can head over to MetaMask and click on ‘Download’.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Users must buy Tamadoge with ETH or USDT. Investors can head over to a cryptocurrency exchange of their choice, buy Ethereum or USDT and transfer the tokens back to their Metamask wallets.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to Tamadoge Presale Platform

The next step is to go on the Tamadoge website and click on ‘buy’. Users can then click ‘Connect Wallet’ and choose their wallet provider to connect with the presale platform.

Follow the instructions to officially link the wallet.

Step 4: Buy TAMA Tokens

The final step is to buy TAMA. Simply enter the amount of TAMA you would like to purchase and select ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’. Users need to purchase a minimum of 1,000 TAMA.

Finally, users can claim their TAMA tokens once the presale ends. Once the presale period is over, click on ‘claim’ on the Tamadoge website’s homepage.

It’s also possible to use a credit/debit card to buy TAMA via the popular fiat on-ramp Transak integrated with the website.

Buy Tamadoge on Beta Presale


This guide has reviewed one of the best play-to-earn crypto games – Tamadoge. While the meme coins market has been bearish in 2022, Tamadoge (TAMA) provides users with a multi-utility token that can be purchased to invest in NFTs, earn in-game rewards and participate in metaverse-based ecosystems.



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