Home Technology MHA lists crypto currency and use of drones among top challenges – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

MHA lists crypto currency and use of drones among top challenges – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

MHA lists crypto currency and use of drones among top challenges – Jammu Kashmir Latest News |  Tourism

“Focus on narcotics, 5G technology, social media, OGW”
Fight against terrorism, financing operations, radicalization
Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, Aug 28: The Union Home Ministry is said to have drafted a detailed document for Anti-Militancy and Anti-Terrorism Funding Operations in Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to Emerging Cryptocurrency Challenges and smuggling weapons and narcotics across the border using drones.
The document was also shared with other states that border Pakistan or faced left-wing extremism.
“Cryptocurrency has emerged as another major challenge after hawala funding militancy in Jammu and Kashmir as well as some other states facing insurgency. Recently, the State Investigation Agency (SIA) busted a racket at J&K that was using Crypto currency to fund terrorism,” sources pointed out and said MHA called Cyber ​​Cells of Police and other related wings to keep strict watch on Crypto. currency.
Crypto currency, the sources say, has the potential to replace hawala funding to some extent in an effort to stir up activism and Cyber ​​Cells must remain vigilant, the document states.
A series of hawala channels were also blocked in Jammu and Kashmir, including one that originated in South Africa and reached Jammu via Surat, Mumbai and New Delhi. This channel had injected Rs 4-5 crore worth of hawala money into Jammu and Kashmir to fund activism. At the time of the network takedown, Jammu Police recovered Rs 17 lakh worth of hawala money in cash from the module.
Counter drone technology was also listed as one of the top priorities as police and security forces in Jammu and Kashmir encountered a number of modules that had provided weapons, ammunition and explosives to activists and their carriers after receiving shipments across the border by drones. .
Some of the counter drone technologies are in place, particularly with the military, while others are being developed by major security-related agencies. The government wants very credible technologies to hit the drones and until that is done they want oversight by the security agencies to ensure that the weapons dropped by the drones fail to reach the militants and are recovered by the security forces.
In Jammu, police recovered a large number of shipments that had been picked up by the militants’ Over Ground Workers (OGW) and supplied to terrorist groups after being dropped by drones at the international border in the districts of Jammu, Samba and Kathua.
The Interior Ministry also called for special attention on border areas where OGW movements may have activated to receive shipments not only of arms, ammunition, explosives and cash, but also narcotics, as narco-terrorism has also emerged as a major challenge in Jammu and Kashmir. and neighboring Punjab.
“Narcotics generated funds are also used by terrorist groups to fuel militancy in Jammu and Kashmir,” the sources said, adding that the Central and UT governments have been focusing on tackling terrorism. use of narcotics.
While counter-radicalization measures remained a top priority to wean young people off activism, the emerging challenges of upcoming 5G technology were also listed among the top concerns for police and other security agencies to prepare for. well in advance.
The Over Ground Workers, the sources say, are also a cause for concern as they play a major role in sustaining activism. Jammu and Kashmir, however, has already cracked down on OGWs and was taking tough action against them.
Social media figured as one of the areas where vigilance was needed as it was used by Pakistan-based militant managers to foment unrest, although such practices were effectively controlled in Jammu and Kashmir.


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