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Money In The Net! FC Barcelona Clinches $132 Million Investment To Kickstart Blockchain Journey


FC Barcelona has recently announced significant developments in its digital expansion strategy, with the entry of new strategic partners and a merger agreement. 

The renowned Spanish football club aims to accelerate the growth of its digital ventures, Barça Vision and Barça Media, and tap into the world of Web3, blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse technologies.

FC Barcelona Strategic Partnership To Propel Digital Growth

Barça Vision, the Club’s initiative to integrate all digital content under the Web3 and blockchain umbrella, has been substantially boosted through investments by LIBERO football finance AG and private investors advised by NIPA Capital B.V. 

The new partners have acquired a combined 29.5% ownership stake in Barça Vision (Bridgeburg) for €120 million, taking over part of the shares previously held by Socios.com and Orpheus Media.

LIBERO football finance AG, a German-based company listed on the Regulated Market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange, specializes in providing comprehensive financial advisory services to football clubs. NIPA Capital B.V., a Dutch investment company, brings its vision and approach to accelerate growth and provide ongoing guidance to FC Barcelona.

These strategic partnerships enable FC Barcelona to strengthen Barça Vision, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of its new partners to explore business opportunities in the digital sports and entertainment realm. 

On the other hand, Socios.com and Orpheus Media, who retain their minority stakes, will continue to play a crucial role in FC Barcelona’s Web3 strategy, collaborating on initiatives like the BAR Fan Token.

Barça’s Digital Renaissance?

In parallel, FC Barcelona has entered into a Business Combination Agreement with Mountain & Co. I Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: MCAA), a special purpose acquisition company focused on European digital media and technology sectors. 

This agreement paves the way for the merger of the Club’s digital Barça Vision and audiovisual content units under the brand “Barça Media.” 

Per the announcement, the partnership aims to enhance Barça Media’s reach and accessibility by securing additional financing through the US capital markets. 

This move positions FC Barcelona to accelerate its digital and audiovisual initiatives, broaden its global audience, and potentially generate substantial income, with a projected pro-forma enterprise value of approximately USD 1 billion (€910 million).

President Joan Laporta expressed his enthusiasm for the advancements, highlighting how FC Barcelona’s digital ecosystem has transformed its assets into a “creative hub” that elevates the Club’s brand to “unprecedented levels worldwide.” 

Laporta emphasized that the digital content strategy has already proven successful, allowing the Club to forge new connections with fans globally while generating additional revenue streams. 

He views these strategic moves as essential resources for FC Barcelona’s continued growth, particularly in an era where the demand for digital sports content is expanding rapidly, reinforcing the Club’s ongoing digital transformation.

Barça Vision is FC Barcelona’s platform for integrating Web3 initiatives, NFTs, and metaverses. It represents a crucial component of the Club’s strategy to construct its new stadium (Espai Barça Digital).

The Club has taken significant steps in this direction, including launching its official FC Barcelona channel on Discord and introducing a collection of 3,000 Barça NFTs in collaboration with Plastiks, focusing on promoting sustainability projects globally.

Overall, FC Barcelona’s recent developments mark a significant stride in its digital transformation, solidifying its position as a pioneer in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to engage fans and unlock new revenue streams.

FC Barcelona
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