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NIT-Rourkela awards blockchain-based digital degrees

NIT-Rourkela awards blockchain-based digital degrees

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela became the first NIT to award blockchain-based digital degrees to over 1,500 students at its 19th convocation, held on August 13.

These degrees were developed in collaboration with the C3i Innovation Center at IIT Kanpur, under the National Blockchain Project proposed by the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi. To upload the diplomas, candidates will receive an OTP on their mobile number, which will also be sent to their email id, to provide access to a secure portal containing their diplomas. The diplomas would also be available to download as a PDF file, making them accessible anywhere in the world.

“The Blockchain system works on the principle of decentralization, whereby control is not in the hands of a single person but over a distributed network. Information in a blockchain is recorded and stored sequentially with an exact timestamp and cannot be edited, making it a tamper-proof transcript,” the official press release explains.

This digital wallet will provide a secure and tamper-proof environment that students can share with their potential employers. It will also be easier to verify instantly and save the laborious third-party verification process that takes at least two to three weeks.

During the 19th Annual Convocation 2021, six institute gold medals, five endowment gold medals, five endowment awards, 70 branch head medals and one cash endowment scholarship were awarded to graduates . (859 undergraduates, 608 postgraduates, 88 doctors) graduated.


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