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Oldest Football Club Bulgaria Adopts Bitcoin Lightning and Liquid Wallet In New Partnership


Bulgarian football club Botev Plovdiv, the oldest football club in Bulgaria, has taken another step towards embracing Bitcoin and accelerating grassroots adoption of the digital currency in a strategic partnership with JAN3, a leading technology company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin. Botev Plovdiv aims to become the premier Bitcoin-native sports club, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

“Bitcoin is central to our club’s strategy,” stated Botev owner Anton Zingarevich. “We’re inspired by the global success stories of Bitcoin adoption and are excited to bring this innovation to Botev, our fans, and the city of Plovdiv. JAN3’s cutting-edge tools are instrumental in this journey.”

This collaboration introduces innovative measures to integrate Bitcoin into the club’s operations and engage with its fan base. The AQUA Wallet, developed by JAN3, also introduces “Botev Mode,” aiming to make transactions more accessible and efficient for fans and the local community.

JAN3 told Bitcoin Magazine that with the integration of their AQUA wallet, the idea is for the club to introduce discounts or even a cashback program for paying in bitcoin, and that “the club will also aim to educate Bulgarian fans that take an interest in Bitcoin, teaching them how to use it not only for team purchases but also integrate in their daily lives.”

As part of the partnership, Botev Plovdiv’s team jerseys will feature JAN3’s logo. The integration of the AQUA wallet into the club’s ecosystem marks another milestone in bridging the gap between professional sports and Bitcoin.

“Very few things in life are as universal as football and Bitcoin,” commented JAN3 CEO Samson Mow. “With this partnership we hope to bring Bitcoin closer to football, and the billions of football fans around the world closer to Bitcoin. We have already seen what Bitcoin can do for companies and countries, now imagine what it can do for your favorite team.”

This partnership between Botev Plovdiv FC and JAN3 sets the stage for more pioneering Bitcoin-focused initiatives, solidifying the club’s status as a beacon for Bitcoin adoption and achieving greater success in UEFA competitions.


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