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Osaka Digital Exchange introduces Japan’s first digital securities trading platform


  • The new digital securities platform is known as Start.
  • Start’s operations are scheduled to commence on December 25.
  • The platform will start with a $20 million real estate securities issuance

Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX) is set to make history by launching Japan’s inaugural digital securities trading platform, named “Start,” on December 25.

The platform’s regulatory approval from Japan’s financial watchdog on November 16 paves the way for ODX to revolutionize the country’s financial landscape.

Japan’s first digital securities trading platform

Founded in 2021, ODX comprises key players in traditional Japanese finance, including SBI Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG). Its proprietary trading system, Start, is designed exclusively for security tokens. This strategic move aligns with the growing global trend of incorporating blockchain and tokenization into traditional financial systems.

To kick off Start’s operations, ODX will issue approximately 3 billion yen (about $20 million) worth of tokenized securities. The issuer, Ichigo Owners, a prominent real estate firm, signifies the practical application of digital securities within the real estate sector. This issuance underscores the potential for blockchain technology to enhance liquidity and accessibility for investors.

ODX’s regulatory approval and the subsequent launch of Start mark a significant milestone in Japan’s digital asset evolution. The involvement of heavyweight financial institutions like SBI Holdings and SMFG highlights the increasing support and interest from traditional finance in Japan for digital asset initiatives. This initiative comes at a time when the broader Asian market is witnessing a shift towards digital securities, with Hong Kong and South Korea also embracing the trend.

The introduction of digital securities trading through the Start platform positions ODX at the forefront of Japan’s financial transformation, offering new avenues for investment diversification and addressing the challenges posed by an ageing population.


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