Home Technology Over 20 leading tech organizations orchestrated the loudest fintech show in the Philippines

Over 20 leading tech organizations orchestrated the loudest fintech show in the Philippines

Over 20 leading tech organizations orchestrated the loudest fintech show in the Philippines

Southeast Asia’s most renowned FSI event, Global Financial Innovation Series (WFIS) disrupted the Philippines fintech market with its inaugural edition in the country on August 16 – 17, 2022 to Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila. It also gave a major boost to the country’s “Digital Payments Transformation Roadmap 2020-2023” by bringing together the crème de la crème of fintech investors under one roof.

The 2-day event captured everyone’s attention, including a myriad of media, as it had a long list of solution providers who capitalized on the platform while showcasing their next-gen products for the financial services industry. The list included Oz Forensics, Onfido, Snowflake, Kissflow, AppsFlyer, Nucleus Software, Seon, ComplyAdvantage, OutSystems, GBG, Expleo, Freshworks, Redstar, GrabForBusiness, Feedzai, Panamax Inc., Pennant Technologies, Genesys, Exist, Goldpac Fintech, Infobip , MoEngage and Mambu.

During a media interview at the event, Gaurav Mehta (Head, Growth & Strategy – Pennant Technologies) said, “We are delighted to be participating in the World Financial Innovation Series 2022, in Manila. Due to changing macroeconomic dynamics, the banking and financial services industry in the Philippines is undergoing rapid transformation. In particular, the lending technology landscape in many banks and financial institutions is fragmented, prompting them to consider improving their capabilities to meet changing consumer demand. Pennant, with its future-ready platform, aims to help financial institutions in the Philippines unlock business value and create market differentiation. »

The event attracted over 400 technology and business leaders from leading banking, insurance and microfinance institutions in the Philippines, who kept the solution providers/exhibitors engaged throughout the event.

Asked how the event platform helped SEON promote its products, Kaijie Ho (Senior Account Executive, SEON) said, “WFIS is great. It started 4 years ago in Jakarta and what I really love about this event is that it brings together all the great minds in one place and has sparked such a good ecosystem and good vibe. It has delegates from all senior banks, insurance companies, fintech companies and these are all ideal customer profiles that we are trying to target. It’s really good and we can’t wait for the next one.

WFIS 2022 – Philippines, also hosted the more than 30 thought leaders and industry experts who shed light on the most pressing ISP topics focused on the latest technological innovations through presentations, corner discussions fire and round tables. Delegates made the most of the Q&A sessions to interact with the experts.

Some of the most pressing topics discussed at the event included, “Propel Your Organization Forward with Financial Services Data Cloud”, “How Digital Lending Can Help Improve South Asia’s Economy -East”, “Enable AI-Powered Banking and Close the Loop With The Customers’, ‘Open Banking Ecosystem’, ‘AML & Fraud Best Practices for Fintechs’, ‘To Blockchain or Not to Blockchain’ and many more. ‘others.

During his session at the conference, Manish Narayanaswami, Associate Director – Enterprise Sales (BFSI), Kissflow, gave an amazing insight on Low-code No-code, he said, “Low-code No-code n It’s no longer just a buzzword, it’s a design paradigm and a natural evolution of how we code for enterprise automation. This is why there is a $50 billion market for low-code no-code tools. The vision of democratizing automation and being able to rapidly develop applications by enabling citizen developers is increasingly pushing to get on the No-code Low-code bandwagon!

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