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Pi Network to launch decentralised moderation feature on Fireside Forum


  • Pi Network has announced ‘Decentralized Moderation’ on Web3 social platform Fireside Forum.
  • The feature is geared towards incentivising better Web3 social interactions.
  • Fireside Forum was launched in June this year.

Pi Network has announced plans for the launch of a new feature dubbed “Decentralized Moderation” the Web3 social platform Fireside Forum.

Fireside Forum’s decentralised moderation feature

In a blog post on December 12, the Pi Network team said “Decentralized Moderation” is currently in the development phase. When it rolls out, it will bring decentralised social content moderation to users, incentivising them towards “meaningful and respectful online conversations.”

The aim is to foster a Web3 social experience where blockchain will be more than a layer of ownership. According to Pi, this is its vision for Fireside Forum, which launched in June 2023 and has seen steady user interaction.

“Through Decentralized Moderation, Fireside Forum aims to achieve a self-sustaining and transparent content ecosystem through cryptocurrency integration, allowing for diverse voices to be heard while keeping our behaviours accountable and respectful to others,” the platform wrote in the blog post.

Pi Network believes the new feature will not only empower users, but also help shape Fireside Forum’s evolution. This will include aspects such as content quality, accountability, and healthier online interactions.

Decentralized Moderation is expected to have tiered moderation levels, tokenomics and stakes in play and structured fair reward system.


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