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Pro-XRP Lawyer Makes Bold Move With Senate Candidacy Intentions

Pro-XRP Lawyer Makes Bold Move With Senate Candidacy Intentions

John E Deaton, a well-known crypto lawyer representing over 75,000 XRP holders, has revealed his intentions to run for the senate seat in the upcoming elections this year.

Pro-XRP Lawyer To Run For Senate Seat

The pro-XRP lawyer announced his desire to participate in the impending senate elections on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday. According to him, he will be running for the political position to help “shake things up for the people who need it the most.”

He stated:

I fought for the little guy. I took on the greedy corporations and the heartless insurance companies and I won. I am running for U.S Senate to continue my life’s mission and shake things up for the people who need it most.

Deaton’s revelation came a few days after rumors circulated that he was thinking about running for the senate seat currently occupied by Senator Elizabeth Warren. In the X post, the crypto attorney noted that he had previously fought against “bullies and greedy corporations and will now be taking on the Washington elites.”

John Deaton’s post was accompanied by a short campaign video disclosing his goals and promises toward the citizens of Massachusetts if he emerged as the race winner.

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Some of the promises made by the crypto attorney include expanding access to healthcare for all Massachusetts citizens, combating inflation, resolving the immigration dilemma, improving opportunities for kids, and fighting corruption in Washington.

Deaton will be challenging the current two-time United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is known for her criticism toward the cryptocurrency sector and pushing for more stringent laws. Due to her position towards cryptocurrency, there is speculation within the crypto community that her re-election could impede revolution.

Deaton also expressed his displeasure with Warren’s tenure as a senator over time in his campaign video. Warren came under fire from Deaton, who asserted that the US senator had neglected her duties and had failed to assist the residents of Massachusetts.

As a result, he has assured the community that “he will work day and night to make a difference” in the people’s lives because he believes that he knows their struggles as “he has lived them.” Furthermore, he stated that he is not afraid and he will never give up on “fighting for what is right.”

John E Deaton Had A Rough Background

The video also delves into the pro-XRP lawyer‘s background and his life achievements over the years. Born and brought up in Detroit, Deaton grew up in a very poor home but eventually fought his way to become the only graduate of his family.

After graduating from the New England School of Law, he aspired to go even further, which led him to join the US Marines Corps, where he ended up being a captain after years of service.

He further underscored some of his struggles, such as addiction, cancer, and mountains of debt. Notably, John Deaton once took on the “Washington Insiders” and emerged victorious in the case.

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