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Real-world blockchain adoption use cases that get you thinking right

Real-world blockchain adoption use cases that get you thinking right

Ha Noi, Vietnam, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain has recently become a buzzword, not only for tech-savvy people, but also for the general public. Every year, thousands of new Blockchain projects are launched with the ambition to conquer the new peak of this promising technology.

Previously, upon hearing the term “Blockchain”, people would immediately think of cryptocurrencies used for financial and investment purposes. From their point of view, Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that is hardly adopted in real life. However, according to Mr. The Minh Tuan (Tommy The), CEO and co-founder of SotaTek, Blockchain technology can be leveraged in traditional economic sectors such as agriculture, health, education, entertainment, etc.

SotaTek jumped into Blockchain at the end of 2016 and had gone through the “Blockchain Boom” of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Currently, SotaTek owns more than 1000 experienced employees and cooperates with a variety of global companies such as Algorand, Klaytn Foundation, Cardano Foundation, Near, Kyber etc as a long-term strategic technology partner. We help our clients to effectively adopt Blockchain technology while optimizing operating costs.

What is the right approach to apply Blockchain technology in multi-industries?

Blockchain technology improves the accountability and efficiency of many businesses in various industries. Hence a reason why more and more companies are applying it in reality, especially the best blockchain development companies that can master the technology stack, choosing the right adoption of both public blockchain and of the private blockchain. Since not everyone can have this right approach, having the right mindset towards it is essential, especially with a real-life case study. Let’s take a look at some successful Blockchain projects from SotaTek, Top Blockchain Development Company in Asia Pacificto better understand.

1. Use Cases of Blockchain in Education

As fake diplomas were an emerging issue in the education industry, SotaTek was proud to be chosen as a trusted technology partner by Ministry of Education and Training (MOET Vietnam) create a storage system of a large number of certificates and solve the problem of fake diplomas.

As of 2020-2021, all diplomas issued by training institutions, from secondary to university level, would be included in the national diploma systemaccording to the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Training.

With many years of experience in developing Blockchain applications, SotaTek took care of the planning, design, development and commissioning of this system.

After 2 months of implementation with 23 technology experts, the application is officially launched. It is perfectly suited to manage, authenticate and use credential information while saving on administrative costs and offering strict management.

Thanks to the strategic cooperation between SotaTek and MOET Vietnam, fake diplomas will not be able to appear or be verified on the system. Since then, the problem of fake diplomas will be gradually pushed back and completely eliminated in the future. It is also the first time that the Blockchain application has been put into use by the Vietnamese government, marking a milestone in the development of this industry.

2. Use cases for blockchain in healthcare

In 2019-2020, during the stressful early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries around the world must immediately universalize vaccination to limit deaths and community transmission. However, as the movement of people is extremely complicated, the management of their vaccination information faces several challenges.

Understand the importance of information storage, the Ministry of Health of a Southeast Asian country started pushing our customers (customers who need information security) to find a solution to manage citizen movement history and vaccination information

That’s why customers came to SotaTek and expected us to support them as a technology partner. After 3 months of research and testing, Blockchain experts at SotaTek have successfully launched the “Application for the public management of vaccination”.

Here are the working processes of this application: When users enter their Covid-19 vaccination information into the program, the system determines which public places they have visited (shops, schools, hospitals, etc.) and updates their vaccination status. Then all data will be sent to the Blockchain system, which is optimized for absolute security. This app also provides a management admin page to properly locate a specific user’s movement history information when infected with Covid-19.

The application was immediately implemented for 32 million people nationwidehelping the government monitor the number of people infected with COVID-19 as well as their travel history, thereby limiting the spread of the disease.

3. Blockchain use cases in IDO Launchpad

In the Launchpad area, SotaTek has helped our customers develop red kite – a platform used to create decentralized applications, capable of connecting to the DeFi and Web 3.0 ecosystem using Blockchain technology.

With more than 10 years of experience working with international companies, SotaTek’s 12 technical experts supported this project with these major programming languages: React, Node JS & Solidity.

After 4 months of research and development with our experts, red kite was launched and successfully met the demand of IoT investors. In addition, red kite has been recognized as Top Rated IoT Launchpad for Crypto Businesses, making it one of the best launch pads for Defi projects built on Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and other platforms.

4. Use cases for blockchain in entertainment

While the future of the video game industry is witnessing a lot of new games after a great success of NFT, Metafusion stands out as the GameFi hybrid game that combines traditional games and games on a single Blockchain platform. The IT developers behind MetaMerge expect the game to solve the existing zero-sum game problem and open a new direction for the Blockchain game series in the future.

Blockchain developers at SotaTek and game studio BBOLD have collaborated to come up with a strategic plan, aiming to create the world’s best quality Blockchain game, which is very popular on electronic and mobile software.

MetaMerge is a blockchain-based merger game that allows players to collect tokenized assets in the form of tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). MetaMerge players will take on the role of owner of a magical land to explore, build and protect their own islands. MetaMerge aims to be a world-leading game that allows players to interact with friends through in-game social methods and PvP battles.

5. Use Cases of Blockchain in Manufacturing

In the past, the manufacturing industry of Vietnam It was thought that it would hardly adapt to the rapid development of Blockchain technology, but now this industry is experiencing an extremely positive transformation.

One of the most optimal Blockchain solutions introduced in the manufacturing industry by SotaTek is “Used Vehicle Query Application”, resulting from a 12-week research by SotaTek software engineers.

The application was designed by 11 Blockchain developers to retrieve information on vehicles sold across the value chain, allowing buyers to access transparent vehicle information, helping to meet current customer needs. . In particular, the application also allows used car distributors and dealers to know exactly where the product is having problems in the production chain and, thus, to minimize the mean time to repair.

Currently, the blockchain application has been approved by more than 2000 reputable sold motorcycle distributors in Vietnam and more than 800 distributors in the Asia Pacific Region.

SotaTek – A Trusted Blockchain Development Partner for Enterprises

Currently, the blockchain application has been approved by more than 2000 reputable sold motorcycle distributors in Vietnam and more than 800 distributors in the Asia Pacific Region.

After removing the obstacles to consider Blockchain as a virtual currency, this technology can be applied much more flexibly. Along with SotaTek, Blockchain is the future of the digital economy, therefore one of the main priorities of the SotaTek Board of Directors in the sustainability strategy is to focus on deploying multi-industry solutions to support partners in all industries such as healthcare, manufacturing. , Education, Insurance, Law…

With more than 1000 technology engineersOver the past 7 years, Sotatek has cooperated with 25 countries and successfully implemented 500+ projects for global customers. Currently, SotaTek owns largest Blockchain development workforce in South East Asia. We believe that with our technological capabilities, SotaTek will be a reliable companion and trusted partner to bring the most perfect and optimal solutions for your business.

Learn more about SotaTek Blockchain projects here: https://www.sotatek.com/portfolio/



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