Home Markets Recruitment in the crypto ecosystem continues to increase, although the market has not yet recovered

Recruitment in the crypto ecosystem continues to increase, although the market has not yet recovered

Recruitment in the crypto ecosystem continues to increase, although the market has not yet recovered

“Crypto-winter” has hit companies in the crypto ecosystem hard, but they are still looking for employees to position themselves amid the crisis

you see a boom hiring staff companies that are crypto ecosystembe for these talents block chain, cryptocurrencyO! Internet 3.0,

This is confirmed by data from list of encryption jobs, which is a platform that tracks job postings in this field, and according to them, in just four weeks, 325 new job postings were posted. Most were for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at Solana and Web 3.0 projects.

The same online listing states that Vague submitted 186 job offers, polygon 89, circle 66, obligation 61, register 60, CoinDCX 39, chain link 41 years ftx 14.

Interestingly, the most requested position is that of Marketing Manager, with 11.4% of the total. It is followed by Data Analyst with 10.5% and Software Developer with 9.6%.

“In general, engineering roles are the most frequently appearing among job postings (29.8%),” the company told Cryptonoticeas.

On the other hand, the least demanding are the legal and financial profiles which represent respectively only 3.5% and 2.6% of the total.

crypto job listing monthly job post

cases cited

site names Binance As one of the players who are looking for the most personnel. Your own CEO Changpeng Zhao, had already indicated that 2,000 positions were available in his company. he just did krakenWhich assured that it will cover 500 vacancies before the end of the year.

This shows that despite the fact that the market is still not completely corrected, many crypto companies are betting on the future and looking for ways to grow and establish themselves in times of crisis. Try the challenge.

block chain case

A recent report published by Finbold Media, citing data published by LinkedIn and exchange Okreveals an average growth of 76% in blockchain jobs over the previous year, highlighting the growth seen in particular in certain countries.

The United States, India and China are the top three countries in the world with the most people trained to work in this field, followed by the United Kingdom, Singapore and Nigeria.

crypto job listing number of companies hiring

crypto job listing number of companies hiring

Data from jobs received in the blockchain

1 In the United States, it increased by 62% the previous year

2 India recorded the most pronounced growth with a growth of 122%

3 China is the country with the lowest growth, with only 12% growth

4 The countries with the highest growth rate after India are Canada (106%), Singapore (92%) and Nigeria (81%).

Blockchain job openings are on the rise

1 The country with the highest growth in terms of job vacancies is Spain, where this indicator increased by 609%

monthly crypto job seekers

monthly crypto job seekers

2 Canada and Brazil follow with 560% and 518% respectively.

3 While India and Mexico increased between 149% and 190%, in the United States, China, Germany and the United Kingdom, they increased between 60% and 82%.

4 The only country in the top 10 where the number of job vacancies has fallen is France, since it has fallen by 11% compared to that observed in 2021


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