Home Blockchain Redlight Finance Launches New Gasless Blockchain Solutions Via $REDLC

Redlight Finance Launches New Gasless Blockchain Solutions Via $REDLC

Redlight Finance Launches New Gasless Blockchain Solutions Via $REDLC

With $REDLC as its governance token, Redlight Finance is revolutionizing the world of EVM-enabled Blockchain with gasless solutions.

Presentation of the Redlight channel

Redlight Finance, a technology company that provides a complete crypto technology platform, presents Redlight Chain, an EVM Layer 1 compatible Blockchain with new features.

Redlight Chain is centered on solving the Blockchain trilemma of scalability, decentralization, and security by optimizing Blockchain without gas. $REDLC is the governance coin of the Redlight blockchain, which solves two important obstacles: gas prices and congestion, through innovation, by adding new functionalities.

About $REDLC and the Gasless Blockchain

Redlight Chain is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) layer 1 compatible ND Blockchain, introducing revolutionary changes to traditional EVM compatible blockchains. It is also an ecosystem that opens up the world of crypto to anyone who wants to find a secure, decentralized, and scalable solution to their problem.

The platform also showcases the appropriate capabilities and benefits of smart contracts and NFTs.

$REDLC wants to solve the traditional problems of Blockchains because most industries/businesses in the real world don’t want to pay gas to transact. The project takes this problem as its main objective, in addition to its mission to develop an EVM-compatible blockchain that targets scalability, decentralization and security.

Scalability refers to the Blockchain maintaining its speeds and transaction/block output while growing and expanding in users/industries. For this, $REDLC allows the Blockchain to be integrated into industries that rely on the transmission or use of information from one point to another transaction.

Being a Gasless Blockchain will allow us to target industries that otherwise might never have thought about Blockchain integration. Also, $REDLC is completely gasless, not 0.000001, not staking a coin to get another token to use for gas, but truly gasless as in 0.

Decentralization on $REDLC is achieved by validators (nodes) governing information on the Blockchain rather than a centralized entity controlling it. Most EVM-1 compatible blockchains work this way using various methods such as Proof of Work (POW), Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Authority (POA).

$REDLC is classified as POA, a more advanced form of point of sale. Instead of needing to stake a monetary value, a validator’s “identity” replaces it and serves as the stake.

Besides security, scalability and flexibility are critical factors for any technology to maintain maximum security. $REDLC makes use of these elements by keeping a dedicated security team on hand to monitor network and server activity.

Additionally, $REDLC introduces the Pocket System. The Pocket System is an intelligent queuing mechanism that allows transactions to be split to reduce congestion.

The Pocket System can automatically recognize network attacks and redirect them to a separate pocket for validation without affecting the rest of the network.

Meet Redlight Finance

Redlight Finance is a technology company aiming to provide a complete crypto platform that acts as a bridge between the real world and the web3 through blockchain technology. They aim to accomplish this mission through their completely gasless Blockchain.

The Gasless Blockchain they developed allows users to provide a use case for the traditional cryptocurrency investor by integrating smart contracts.

In addition to this, with no gas fees on transactions, Redlight Finance believes this will allow traditional businesses that need large databases of private information (e.g. hospitals, financial institutions) to safely switch to Web3.


Check and Test $REDLC Gasless Blockchain at Testnet red light analysis. More information is available on the official website of Redlight Finance and on the $REDLC white paper.


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