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Ripple Lawyers Take A Dig At Vitalik Buterin Following His Comments

Ripple Lawyers Take A Dig At Vitalik Buterin Following His Comments

A recent battle of words between Vitalik Buterin and the Ripple token holder’s lawyer has erupted on the internet. The XRP holder’s lawyer, John Deaton, criticized the Ethereum co-founder through a series of Twitter threads. He stated that Buterin’s remark to the Ripple asset holders is hateful and immature.

When it comes to prominent personals within the crypto space, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is a force to reckon with. His words and action create a lasting impression on the Ethereum community and reasonably on others. Moreover, he pulls a forceful influence on different dimensions of the crypto industry.

Furthermore, Deaton mentioned that Buterin has yet to clarify or delete his tweet against the holder, which depicts a shameful and disgusting action.

In his observation, Deaton maintained that the move from Buterin was not an error but a deliberate act. So, the improper display was to the XRP community, though not for Ripple.

Buterin Remarks On XRP

In a Twitter post, Vitalik Buterin expressed his excitement about how the Ethereum community gave its support to the Ethereum blockchain. The community stood against regulatory moves targeting the blockchain, which would have affected its upcoming Merge and its operation afterward.

But through his tweet, Buterin cited XRP token holders too. For example, he mentioned that they lost their right to protection as Ripple attempted to push ETH as a China-controlled token.

The XRP holder’s lawyer related that Buterin’s words might not attract the attention of several people. But when it comes to those mindful of tribalism, they would display more incredible emotion due to the demoralizing nature of the speech.

Also, Deaton pointed out the right to protection remark from the Ethereum co-founder. The lawyer mentioned that he wouldn’t be bothered if Buterin’s words targeted Ripple as the crypto firm can conveniently defend itself. He cited the case of the Ripple-SEC battle, which would clarify any prominent critic of Ripple’s stance in the case.

Ripple Reacts To Buterin’s Remark

Ripple reacted to the trending internet battle yesterday as the Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, also criticized Buterin. Schwartz noted that Ether is proposing the motion for the government to sanction projects contrary to their narrative.

Ripple Lawyers Take A Dig At Vitalik Buterin Following His Comments
Ripple trends downwards on the chart l Source: XRPUSDT Tradingview.com

The lawyer further revealed that the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garinghouse, would be appearing in an interview in a few months. So, he would likely not overlook Vitalik’s remark. This is because the CEO has been getting several emails from the XRP holders whose funds are drained through file action of the SEC.

He maintained that the comment about XRP losing the right to protection is very degrading and insulting to many people. Some XRP holders had invested their entire life savings in the crypto token. Also, incidents of suicide were cited in some emails that came since January 2021.

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